Light it Up!

Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights was once again celebrated in the Habersham Hall Courtyard. I was determined not to miss it and can’t say I regretted attending! For the ‘Official’ write up – check out SCAD DISTRICT One thing I failed to mention for obvious reasons was just how cold it was. I spent the entire night thankful that I had resisted the compulsion to defy logic and wear a dress. Last year I wore a dress, but they had the event in October when it was still warm and ‘dress-friendly’. I was clearly out of luck this time around!

Since it is the Festival of lights, I thought I’d show you just that!

Here’s playing with LIGHT:2 1 3 4 5 6 I think the highlight was my henna tattoo. I’d always wanted to try it especially since it was temporary and luckily the lines weren’t too long.  The smell of menthol wafted through the area where three other persons were doing the designs. When it was finished I looked down at what appeared to be mud on my hand. ‘Now what’ I thought. My brilliant plan to hold my hand up to the heating vent worked well and soon it was dry and starting to fall off but I was quite shocked when I realized that I no longer had the pattern on my hand. Confused and disappointed, I eventually went to bed. I think I dreamed about it too! You can only imagine my initial shock and eventual surprise when I happened to see my hand and saw the design vividly showing! ‘I’ll never wash these hands again!’ [Day 3 – Still going strong! Day 7 – All gone 😦 ] 8 7


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