Sunny with a Chance of Lightning

The course of these two days is truly testament to the fact that Savannah has the most bipolar weather system ever. I have heard numerous persons agree to the said! You never quite know what you’re getting throughout the day. The morning may bring sunshine and you’ll yield to the temptation of wearing shorts and a tank top. By lunch time however, you deeply regret that thoughtless decision as a cool wind has now emerged and rain seems to be on the way. I’ve had many a day like that so now I walk with my sweater and umbrella at all times and pray that the odd occasion when I leave one, goes by without negative repercussions.

My lil adventure found me in Daffin Park. The water caught my attention and I shot and admired how lovely the gi-normous trees looked as they loomed over the lake.

lc1 lc2 lc3 lc4

The next day seemed just about right for a picnic but I soon realized that was not the case. lc5

As I lazily sat watching a duck waddle by, I couldn’t help but notice the rain clouds forming. A storm was coming. Normal people would run for cover, but no… not I! lc6

Instead, I took the opportunity to storm watch.

It got dark soon and the sky came to life. It’s almost as if it had burst.
lc9 lc10

As the lightening began to flash, common sense prevailed and dictated a hasty retreat. Satisfied that I had seen enough, I obliged. lc13

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