Yes! YS

*Picture me still in St. Elizabeth* Despite the tantrum that the weather had been throwing, we still made our way to YS Falls and as luck would have it, it was a beautiful day.  The river teased us as we went along in the tractor; hinting at its presence between the bamboo trees. I could hardly wait!*

IMG_5715 IMG_5702



My favorite shot of the day however was the pool area. The sun didn’t stay out too long though but we welcomed the sporadic spurts of rain as we lazed in the pool. IMG_5585 IMG_5587

….but that’s not to say that the river’s features weren’t as enticing. IMG_5589

IMG_5592 IMG_5615

The progression to the top of the falls became more precarious as we went along but it only heightened my excitement and hinted at the need for me to engage in some form of physical fitness. IMG_5622

We paused for a few moments to watch the brave canopy ride across the falls but I was not in the least bit jealous! NO sireee …. I think it’s safe to say that my zip lining days are over. Heart caah handle it! (Backtrack to ‘Till a Voice Says Scream No More’)IMG_5637 IMG_5661

All’s well that ends well as we wrapped things up and headed home. Yes YS … I’ll be back. Can’t wait to see you again!

Special thanks to my hosts Auntie Jacqui and Shonika for this amazing adventure!

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