We Gather here to Worship

I am aware that my absence has been pardoned on account of me writing my first book. …. Wouldn’t that be lovely were it true? Alas, I have been consumed by my final year of school and have no idea why this wasn’t posted eons ago as it’s been sitting in my drafts all this time with the photos already added :S. Needless to say, I left Jamaica a while back. Yes, I was there for summer; a fact that many didn’t know up until my last week n the island!  

I am amazed that it’s now November! Fast approaching the two-year mark of Ayo while wondering where the time has been going and what’s the rush! Thought that I’d pick up where I left off in my adventure though my subsequent accounts will be way overdue.,. After all, they are still very vivid in my memory. Here we go…

I thought it fitting to share some photos I took of a few churches while in St Elizabeth. The last photo however was taken in Mandeville; what an adventure that was!

I start with that trip to Ginger Hill. The rain pelted and threatened to postpone a very important meeting scheduled to take place at a school located on the Methodist grounds.


 I suppose my only regret was that I would not be able to walk about and explore though I was given the opportunity to do that at another time. I took in the mountainous view, the church that assumed its position right atop a hill and the all age school that nurtured the minds of the young population scattered around the small community.


Ok, perhaps I exaggerated a bit much there…. but it really was a bleak day!



Another venture brought me to this gorgeous church at Mountain Side. I was determined to capture it and not even the rain was able to keep me away!

IMG_5761 IMG_5781

I’ve desperately tried to recal the name of this one. Will update when i do 🙂

St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Gillnock, St Elizabeth nestled atop a hill just waiting for the capture.


Then finally came my encounter in Mandeville. I spotted this beauty from afar and didn’t stop till I was on the grounds. Little did I know what was in store for me! The Mandeville Parish Church. St Mark. Built circa 1816IMG_5957

…. A yard filled with graves that I refused to let scare me. Luckily not one living soul was around to see me hopscotching around the graves and tombstones.IMG_5960


7 thoughts on “We Gather here to Worship

    • Awesome! I found Mandeville to be quite interesting. Would like to go back and capture the courthouse – they were in session and lots of people were around. Can’t wait to get back home and continue. Lots to see and often in the most unexpected of places.

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