Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

These past few weeks or perhaps even months I have been truly carefree! It may take more than one post to capture all these emotions but I felt this was a mighty fine spring board. This too is my way of apologizing for my long absence but I have so much to share and I can’t wait for you to see what I have been up to! πŸ™‚

Summer ‘in and of itself’ (smiles) is the epitome of being carefree; especially if you don’t have a summer job. After much deliberation I thought I would kick things off with a sight so spectacular that i couldn’t resist…

Once again, thanks to the Weekly Photo Challenge for allowing me to share my photos in a unique way!

I have been Zip-Lining twice. I find it to be most nerve-racking but on this fine day there swung a group who made it look like a piece of cake! I watched them not the least bit jealous but happy that my timing was good there at YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica W.I.

IMG_5662 IMG_5666


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

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    • nerppppp lol I do think it would be amazing to soar over that incredible waterfall but my heart can”t take such a thrill …. check me back at my mid-life crisis stage though!

      Have you??

    • I am TERRIFIED of heights! Trust me! But it’s one of those things that you’ll be glad you did no matter how terrified it made you feel. Zip lining over such a beautiful spot as this would make it totally worth it! If you can manage to keep your eyes open lol!!!!!!

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