I’m on a Mission: To get to Grand Gala

A year ago I was most excited about this event and though I am not going this year! I still vividly remember the experience and though well enough of it to do my first re-blog! 😀 Enjoy again!!!!!!
Jamaica: Celebrating 51 years of Independence.


There was quite a bit of preparation for this so I thought I’d attempt a diary format to recall the series of events culminating in grand gala 2012:

IMG_4695 - CopyJuly 27, 2012

After work  found some of my co-workers and I piled up in a car headed to Ocho Rios with the intention of purchasing Jamaica 50 shirts and anything else that caught out interest. Though I was slightly disappointed at the slim pick of options, I was quite happy with my buys only to be disgruntled later by the realization that I could have gotten the same shirt for $600 else where – was more of the deceit on the sale lady’s part that grieved me. Still no ‘golden’ ticket in sight but I wasn’t fazed …. still had high hopes of getting lucky eventually..

July 30, 2012

This week started off with a bang and well …. ended just the same…

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