One with the Wild

After my dad left me in the parking lot one day because I thought he would patiently wait for as long as it took me to get to the van, I was never late again … but I seem to be regressing as once again here am I backtracking. So for the duration of this post, kindly pretend that I am still in Atlanta. πŸ™‚

A somewhat unexpected trip led me to Zoo Atlanta:

As always my eyes first gravitated to the gorgeous flora that surrounded the entrance. Stopping briefly to take my first capture I was more excited than ever to see what else this place had in store for me!IMG_3465 IMG_3467

A lovely African elephantIMG_3472

Poo Happens … but for these two Love is certainly in the air for these parakeets! P.S. I think they stole our flag πŸ™‚Β IMG_3475 IMG_3485

Hakuna Matata it’s Pumba the warthhog! πŸ™‚

I kid you not, Sir Meerkat graduate from Posing 101 with flying colours πŸ™‚IMG_3499

Lazy day! Could not for the life of me get him/her to look the lest bit excited to see me. I tried!Β IMG_3505

IMG_3509 IMG_3516

Cute Lemur


“Make me a bird so I can fly far far away!” – JennyIMG_3537

My new fiance! Match made in heaven I tell you πŸ™‚IMG_3545

For a brief moment Β I was sure they were people sitting on the grass! HmmnnnnIMG_3547 IMG_3556

Asian Small-clawed Otters. Kinda creepy watching them but at the same time they looked a lil cute.Β IMG_3564

Joseph’s Coat Plant with other vivid foliage.Β IMG_3571

The Orangutans must have been sleeping when I passed by but their home looks rather cozy .. wonder if they would like to adopt me!IMG_3575

(Photo merge) Crawled into the secret lives of the naked mole rat. I was just as creeped out about seeing them as the 4-year-old kid beside me was and, well, despite my brave face it didn’t take long before I was running out of that exhibit (hence the blurry pic couldn’t look at it long enough to focus the short)Β IMG_3580

I do believe I stood at least 15 feet from the Kokomo Dragon…. I don’t care if it was behind a glass case… not taking any chances! As for the rest of that .. one can imagine how I made it through the cases of Snak…………….. *gasp*IMG_3586

Don’t as me what it looks like I have yet to see! But I assure you, it’s there πŸ™‚Β IMG_3587

Covered walkwayIMG_3591

A cool display on animal trading.


Burmese Star Tortoises. Apparently the males are 1/3 the size of females. Manage to catch one while looking through this hole!


IMG_3602 IMG_3610 IMG_3612

I want a pet panda πŸ˜€ PLEASEEE???!!!IMG_3621 IMG_3622 IMG_3627

My fav shot of the day .. well second .. that Lilly was a sight to behold!IMG_3633

Take a look at this ‘fierce flora’

White topped pitcher plant. They eat insects, frogs and even mammals! *Wonder what would hppen if I stuck my finger in there*IMG_3641

African Southern Ground Hornbulls have a life expectancy of 30 years,Β IMG_3655

And finally … I couldn’t resist saying good by,…. I NEEED those in my front yard. Absolutely beautiful! πŸ™‚Β IMG_3661

Special thanks to Beth and Ed McGrath who took my sis and I here!


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