Confessions of a Patty Deprived Jamaican

IMG_20130618_093700Post #150!

The worst part about this was that as I was going through all the events, I was furiously typing up the story in my head … it was gonna be awesome too but I’ve forgotten those exact words sooooo I will try my best to recall.

Unlike my last plane ride where I was actually paged for final boarding, I got to the airport early enough to hear the flight people requesting the passengers to show their enthusiasm about going to Jamaica. I thought I had detoured unto the party bus for a moment but it was all in good fun! Everything went smoothly, though. Take off was good. Missed not having interesting enough people sitting beside me (ya yah I love the drama) but they were nice.

My heart swelled when I finally opened up my window shade to get the first glimpse of Jamaica. The sea was gorgeous… with the exception of some unruly seaweed you could see straight to the bottom. I smiled as the ooo’s and aah’s echoed through the plane. Now that’s what I call a beach ๐Ÿ™‚

Everything was going great up until we came off the ramp and into the baggage claim area when I got boxed over by the culture shock. For a few minutes I couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying and only then realized how accustomed I had grown to another accent that hearing that much of my own was a strange ordeal. That didn’t last long and before I knew it …. everything seemed normal once again.

I happily dragged off my bags as they came around the conveyor belt and managed to exit in good time. Were I a tourist though … well I probably would just be getting out… that line was doing some roller coaster style curves over in that section and it was pretty hot in there.

Walked outside to see people bearing placards with names and closely scrutinizing everyone who walked out but I knew what my sign looked like! Sure enough there was my brown bag waving in the air (gross exaggeration) to which I ran and embraced it with all the love in the world! My dear sweet patty. Oh how I missed you! Dad eventually pulled up with the van and we got it loaded. Mouth filled with patty I ran and hugged him, glad that he was thoughtful enough to leave the precious goods with Whorms ๐Ÿ˜€ *A what a really gwan with the patty price though!? Soon enough it will be food for the privileged only – Imagine that*

Driving by my familiar places, I realize that not much has changed on the surface. A stop in Priory had fried fish and chicken soup welcoming me then was my hot date with the hair dresser who …. you know what …. I will just try to forget that part of the day. ย Fact remains, I look like a human being again, my tummy is happy and yes –

The whole darn family is together once again


IMG_4085 IMG_4091 IMG_4095 IMG_4100IMG_4104

Apparently there are ย scandalous airport photos of me lurking around! Let’s hope they never get out!


13 thoughts on “Confessions of a Patty Deprived Jamaican

  1. Welcome home! Can I say this? I like the look of your blog a LOT, but it does (for me, anyway) make it harder to read. I do well at the right angle, though, so not a lot of worry.

    Have a grand time.

    • Thank you!

      YEs, I have been hearing that recently .. apparently it has to do with what your screen size is set to in your browser. It is’ so strange though because it shows up ok for me at 100% … try it at 75% I really like this layout but I may have to change it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Thanks for the comment and terribly sorry for the late reply!

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