Home Sweet Home Charles

Part 2 – City Walk

I’m super excited about these photos 🙂 Quite enjoyed walking through this area of Charleston and even now a debate rages in my head about which city I love better … it is so hard to decide so I am in a polygamous relationship with Charles and Savannah 😛 But yes, where was I:??……

Photo edit - "A couple miles along".

Another check revealed that I was running out of time. I didn’t mean to walk that far but the houses kept drawing me in and I could not resist. So I walked and walked some more … and of-course caught a few flowers along the way!

IMG_1863 IMG_1908 IMG_1911 IMG_2035 IMG_2038

Endless arrays of houses lined the streets each making me more and more convinced that one day one will be mine 🙂

IMG_1871IMG_1878IMG_1886 Views from the boardwalk which was about 5 feet from ground level. IMG_2001IMG_2013IMG_2015IMG_2017IMG_2037

IMG_1788 IMG_1873IMG_2053

My curiosity got the better of me and I simply had to know what was there.. WOA! Worth the risk of being shot 🙂


I had just enough time to buy a sorbet at an Italian ice cream shop before catching the bus back to Savannah. Don’t you worry Charles, I will be back .. we made some beautiful memories today, didn’t we?


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