I’ll Chalk it up to a FANTABULOUS DAY!

“What on earth have I gotten myself into I thought as I walked through Forsyth Park. It wasn’t 11 yet and people were warming up for their 3 hour attempt at creating amazing artwork. Some sat on the ground and pounded chalk to dust with the intention of applying it like paint. Others were well equipped with rollers and all manner of tools and had started taping sections of their precious block or were attaching stencils in anticipation of the start time.

a1 aa

What did I have? Well only a half-baked idea in my head and no clue about my first approach. Nerves got the best of me for sure and I still wonder what stopped me from grabbing my things and running out of the park.


There I was at SCAD’s 32nd Sidewalk Arts Festival. I had no idea what I was in for but after a few encouraging words and having Chris and Tiffany as my critics and support group I started drawing. Thanks for the Photos Tiffany 🙂 Chris …. 😀 You’re awesomenesssss. Overall it was a great experience. Shout out to the lovely couple I’d met before the competition started who came back to see how I was doing and all the passersby who thought enough of my work to take photos or tell me that they liked it 🙂





The number of people there far surpassed the number of blocks that there were. People from all over came just to see the art and take photos. All throughout the day there was a constant line going right around the paths in both directions! There were 800+ entries so be prepared for a lot of photos in this post. Entrants consisted of individuals or groups representing current undergrad and graduates, alumni, high school students, kids and more. There was even more going on but I didn’t really catch much of that. Music played right through and everyone seemed to be having a great time as excited fingers pointed at the sidewalks. I tried to narrow down as much as possible to my absolute favorite but that didn’t work out too well sooooo here we go:


They were quite pleased with themselves when they finally got it up! 🙂 e f

I’m not a sss.. fan at all but I had to give credit to this design. Pretty genius g h IMG_2248 IMG_2257 IMG_2258 IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2264

The next two were from my awesome ‘nieghbours’!IMG_2265 IMG_2267 IMG_2268 IMG_2270 IMG_2272 IMG_2279 IMG_2280 IMG_2282 IMG_2290 IMG_2302 IMG_2307 IMG_2311 IMG_2325 IMG_2328 IMG_2341 IMG_2346 IMG_2366 IMG_2371 IMG_2374 IMG_2380 IMG_2382 IMG_2385 IMG_2391 IMG_2397 IMG_2400 IMG_2401

And so, another fantastic day came to the end but not before a beautiful sunset…..IMG_2429

… and fireworks … but that my dear friends, is another story 🙂


9 thoughts on “I’ll Chalk it up to a FANTABULOUS DAY!

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  3. these are fabulous, honestly i was having a bad day but now i am smiling. thanks latoya. my favourites are yours (but of course, cause she’s lovely!), the angry cat (still laughing lol) and the kermit one. the other portraits are nice too and the cartoons as well. Looks like u had tons of fun, and will probably remember this day for a long long time. I bet little kids were in the park and said ” is that what they do when they get big? the same thing as us?” lol good post Latoya. was fun to read

    • 🙂 Glad I could make your day a ll’ brighter! I really enjoyed myself and the kids were so excited lol Was a pretty cool event for everyone of all ages!

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