Ships of the Sea Museum and Gardens

I now understand how Alice in Wonderland felt, well, without the mysterious growing and shrinking and weird creatures 🙂 Initially I was only privy to viewing from the exterior through what should have been the main entrance but  I’ve eventually had reason to be on the inside a number of times and each experience has been quite unique. The museum is accessible by paid admission but the gardens are open to the public. That I didn’t know until my last visit … the plan was to walk around till they found me and kicked me out but I read the sign which confirmed that would not happen 😛  These images are a combination of multiple visits there. So we start from the rather obscure entrance 🙂lc1

Waiting for KeV to go here hehehe

lc2 lc3

The Garden is absolutely beautiful. It’s almost like a maze with seating and overgrowing hedges along the narrow paths.

lc4 lc5 lc6

I was on the other side of this view for quite some time 🙂 lc7

Below is their multipurpose space which I learned could comfortably seat 450+ = the last time I visited – they were setting up for a music festival.lc8 lc9

Space transformed!lc10 lc11

ADA Accessible.

Loving the details! The materials used were mostly brick and steel. Great precision was executed into joining the materials at various places. lc13 lc14

When these develop I’ll bet it’ll make a fantastic picnic area!lc15 lc16

MY latest discovery of the gardens:lc17 lc18 lc19 lc20

Austin was kind enough to take a photo of me since I had no other company! lc21

Never noticed the leaves till now. Very nice texturelc22

This one’s my favorite photo and part of the trip so of course I saved it for last 🙂 lc23


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