Hot Patty, Hot Patty

It is a known fact that I have been craving a patty for sometime now … After a first attempt at ‘the ultimate patty’ I was ready again for another go at it! Today we had a graduate potluck and I thought it would be fantastic to make patties! For a moment I felt that I was in over my head but once I started I knew there was no turning back!

For the Pastry:


The recipe also called for beef suet – which sounds fancy but is FAR FROM! I thought it wise to stay away. It also called for sugar but again I just wasn’t feeling that!

At 12 last night I proudly put my ball of dough in the fridge to ‘set’ so that in the morning I could quickly assemble and bake before my 11am class.

It’s a no brainer – mix all the dry ingredients and then add the liquids. When you’re done it should be slightly sticky – I’m guessing that’s the work of the shortening (which should give a flakier pastry if you add more…. will try again the next time)




All I know is that it called for one llb of meat – I used ground chicken, 3/4 cup of chicken stock and 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs…… now let me be CLEAR .. if you see the one in the can at the store, don’t walk away from it and say ‘ha I can toast the bread and grate it myself’ … BUY IT! ‘Cause chances are you’ll get home to find that there is NO grater like I did ….. 🙂 Instead I put my knife skills to work … took ten times longer but I got it done :). The rest I think you can style based on your tastes…. there is no right or wrong way to prepare chicken. Well that is debatable……. Once it’s simmered down and the scent of it has awaken all your flatmates …. let it cool for a bit.


Rolling the dough ….. Miss dainty lol


First attempt at cutting the dough ….


….turned out to be a lil messy … oh yes .. some had cheese! Didn’t get any of those in the end though 😦


The second attempt found me trying to free hand the circle … but I wised up and stuck with this method for the rest of them. (Egg was later beaten and used as a glaze)


much better eh? Oh, seal the edge with the ice water and fold over then do …


…The fork press 🙂 Dip the fork in flour for better results! Use a knife to reshape the edges if needs be


Lol …. funky shapes!


Pop into the oven preheated to 400 degrees….. think it took about 20-30 mins. My culinary intuition told me when there were ready 😛


TAH DAHHHHHH – Unedited 🙂

Makes about 20 mini sized so I’d think the regular size could be half that amount.

Hope you enjoyed baking with me…. what say you should I be expelled from the kitchen??

P.S. And very important …. keep the dough in the fridge  and work with it one portion at a time. Initially I thought I could overlook that but five minutes later I was re shelving the fridge to make space for it … and the baking tray. 🙂 Learned a whole lot and I am really excited to try again with the hope of perfecting it! Might try the curried chicken next trip or a veggie.  Thanks mucho to Vicky for taking photographs! Hmmn what else did I miss?

P.P.S. Here studying for my REVIT quiz and I realized that I didn’t tell you this: flour! Dust the rolling pin .. your hands … the surface you are rolling the dough on constantly to prevent a sticky situation! Clean up while you work … so you can walk out the kitchen and not have to look back or dread the after effects.


29 thoughts on “Hot Patty, Hot Patty

  1. They look delicious. Now I’m craving one but I wish a restaurant here made original ones so I don’t have to lol. It’s been a while for me too. I miss even the simplest things as well, like bammy, etc
    Send me some patties please 😉

    • heheh they were good .. I didn’t get much though … were for a class potluck – well received though!

      hehe that would be awesome wouldn’t it! Juci Beef needs to expand 🙂

      OOo don’t start me up on bammy! lol I think the hardest thing wil be surviving Easter without an easter bun. I may go out of my mind!

      🙂 Alas distance may make that next to impossible … something tells me if I send by FedEx you’ll receive an empty box :O

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