One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag



First off I thank my Introvert Minded amigo for tagging me in this cool post!  I have done a few tag posts in the past but none with a Jamaican background so I’m pretty excited to get into the questions. While I’m at it I thought I would thank Brittany of Inside Public Minds  for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Those rules stated that I should state 7 things about myself so I’ll just call the extra 3 brawta 🙂

Let’s get down to business – A Blogger Tag is a virtual game where Bloggers of all niches endeavour to form links, possibly discover new information and new Bloggers and have fun while doing so. It starts with one blogger who chooses the topic of the Tag and then gives a list of questions. After the first blogger answers said questions, he or she will “tag” other Bloggers to continue the tag. Wonder how far around the world this will go .. there are Jamaicans everywhere!

The rules for this tag:

· Title your post “One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag”
· Link back to the blogger who tagged you ( you may add a brief definition of what a tag is if you for the benefit of your readers)
· Copy and paste the rules at the beginning of your tag.
· Copy and paste the questions as well so readers know what’s going on.
· Answer the questions (No duh! J)
· Tag seven other (untagged) Jamaican Bloggers to continue the trend.


1) Why did you give your blog its name?
It’s a combination of my name playing on the accompanying words. Ayo = Ayotal=Latoya and OutLOUD = my thoughts expressed for others to know.

2) Why did you start blogging and why do you blog now?
Honestly I started blogging because I needed a distraction from my ‘unemployed‘ status. I had no idea what I would really write about but in time I decided to share my love for photography, art and food. Now I am away and my blog is what keeps me connected to home. I love that even my parents occasionally follow and are up to date with what I’ve been doing here.

3) Do you think being Jamaican influences your blogging style?
I think it does to a great extent – especially my layout. Before it was purple (my fav colour) but in light of Jamaica 50 I revamped and loved it so much it shall be there for … a looong time…. but my creativity also plays a great part in assembling my posts.

4) What do you think about the increase in Bloggers in Jamaica?
It is pretty great to know that there are people out there both on the island and abroad who are sharing things about themselves and Jamaica. It’s quite sad that people have this weed smoking, rasta loving stereotype of Jamaicans. 

5) What is your favourite thing about being Jamaican?
Tough question. I love the accent (that I now realize I do indeed have! :P) I love living in a place that though it’s riddled with violence – guess what … that happens every where! – has some of the most breath taking scenery in this world.


6) Ackee and salt-fish or “ (mackerel) run down”?
hehe no debate here … give me the run down any day-with dumplings and bananas and yellow yam! I’m not an ackee fan (dodges stones)

7) Stew peas or stew chicken?
Stewed chicken …. I’m not a ‘red peas’ fan either  *watches my ‘I am a Jamaican’ credibility go down the drain* :S

8) Tastee Patties, Juici Beef Patties or Mother’s?
Alas … Juci would have been my first answer without hesitation but now …. sigh ……. then again … I haven’t had a patty in a while so they all looking pretty darn good to me NOW! Feel free to fed-ex a couple boxes to me. thank you in advance. 


Patty and coco Bread combo I came across while in Marietta GA over the break! Crappy photo but I took it with my phone and I was excited at the sight of a patty so my hands wouldn’t stop shaking!

9) Pantucky or KFC?
I had to go on the original post by Nas to find out if her definition of ‘pantucky’ was the same as my initial thought. it is sooooo *drum roll* Pantucky a la MY Daddy it is! Nobody does it better! Sorry KFC. and YESSSSS Al! I too agree that the Jamaican KFC is the best around even though it’s not as awesome as years gone by. *Thinks about St. L….* 


I was afraid that my laptop would explode if opened photo shop, don’t kill me if you see this dad!

and now I tag ……


Kimroy Bailey

News and Views by Dionne Jackson-Miller

Maximize my Life

13th Street Promotions

Inside Out

also planned to tag Petchary’s Blog  but  see that I was beat to it!

Looking forward to hearing your answers 🙂 and best wishes in the Blog Awards …. been trying to vote despite my technological hardships.

P.S. Still time to vote for me: 2012 Jamaica Blog Awards – Best Overseas Jamaican Blog!

15 thoughts on “One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag

  1. Lol I enjoyed reading this one toya made me laugh ur soo funny honestly though I prefer corn beef over the mackerel run dung lol Idk but I can’t get tired of it and I soo prefer the ackee without the saltfish cash manage the bone. Also I’m sorry but taster take over since I fell in love with cheese party cause they make their own cheese so more cheese I’m tastees party yummy hehe. Pantucky as u call it is always better than KFC but u right when u say we have the best KFC cause my sister in law first visit here we convinced her to have our KFC she said no It’s horrible until she decided to try dwl to be honest toya she bought a bucket and a box of patties as well to go back home and my niece said she wanted a bottle of ketchup she said It’s the best she has ever had…. Look I’m not.reading over and punctuate what I wrote so I hope u understand it hehe anyways love ur blog keep it up.

    • haha thank you! Glad you enjoyed it and yes I understand what you wrote. Love ma corned beef with fried dumplings 😀
      Oh yes … I have an uncle who does that! i would too but I think they’ve banned it *bawl* … all this patty talk is making me hungry!

    • That’s ok …. I don’t like chains myself but this one was interesting because it was asking more specific questions.
      Hope you enjoyed reading the answers though!

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