I Climbed Stone Mountain…


… Well I could have, but figured I’d live a little longer if I opted for the sky-lift.  I felt like a kruff though when a dad passed with his two young kids and congratulated them on climbing up (don’t worry it’s an endless array of stairs). Now, after staring at my tummy I realize that I really should have gotten the workout!

An adventure filled day awaited me as Auntie took me to one of Atlanta’s favourite family attractions. Themed a ‘Snow Mountain Christmas’, it promised to be nothing short of magical.

As always I figure I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story and at the end you can tell me your favourite part – in the comment box. I think choosing the photos for this post was most challenging out of all the others. My initial selection was over 100 photos but I managed to work my way down to what you see now! SO before you begin to complain about the overkill of photos – IT COULD BE WORSE 😛



First order of business was getting to the top of the mountain and what a sight it was! 🙂


Auntie: What are you going to do?
Me: We’re going to Jump!
(This made a family seated on the rocks within earshot burst into laughter. I then realized how absurd that may have sounded. One added ‘I’m sure you don’t wanna do that!’)


It almost felt like I was on top of the world. It was a beautiful day and I felt ridiculous for being in two shirts and wearing two sweaters…those precious moments were no more though as the sun ran off to hide and the chilly blast greeted us.


On the way back down the lift we saw the ‘Snow Mountain’


The infamous (memory jerking) stone carvings that I fear I did not do justice. 😦 The first was taken from in the skylift:

IMG_9668 IMG_9716

Thought of my Mommy when I took this and quite loved the pine cone till it pricked me -_-


Deck the halls with boughs of _____


One of the 18th Century Plantation Houses that make up the Antebellum Plantation and Farmyard.


Welcome to Dickey House. No visit to a Great/Plantation house would be complete without a photo of ME on a sexy staircase DWL:)


The Master Bedroom


Ladies’ Parlour. On the opposite side was the Gentlemen’s Quarter.


Love this chandelier


View of the garden pavilion from inside the bathroom. They also had a Mother-in-Law’s room which was on the ground floor and far from the master and children’s rooms hahahahaha AND they had a summer dining room .. poor me can’t even afford one dining room .. sigh ….. I wish I lived in the 18th Century! AND WAS RICH … otherwise I’d have been a slave :S


Another one


managed to catch one of the ladies busy trying to get into a room.


The kitchen


Where this darling old lady waved goodbye after allowing us to sample her delicious – runs to look at the recipe we also got and realized that the name of it isn’t on it -_- smart – well whatever it was.. it was delicious .. was like a lil’ plum pudding ball somethingy


And another … the lady in this one was obviously in character or deaf as she refused to bid me hello either of the two times I called to her. I got over it.




Then it was off to the barnyard.


Oh .. this was one of the slave quarters. I was all for living there till I realized: there was no insulation .. holes were in the walls and ceiling ….. that was meant for a family of at least 8 … backs away quickly!


Inside the Medicine room – guess this was where they quarantined the sick people. I must confess that they had summaries of all the rooms but that was a whole lot of information to process.


Petting the sheep. I touched it … creepy … creepy ….. moving right along …


Lil’ pig wind vane caught my eye


Let it snow … let it snow .. let it snow … Leaves :S Not to worry I quite like playing in leaves than actual snow 🙂


Speaking of playing .. that poor old lady has her hands full with those mischievous kids……. hmmn wonder if the driver read the do not enter sign hehehe


I figured I’d call this part one .. stay tuned for the second part … WHAT?! We were there for an entire day and night .. Austin had a blast!

PART 2 – http://wp.me/p253U4-NX

17 thoughts on “I Climbed Stone Mountain…

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  2. I loved reading this and seeing the pictures! My grandparents lived in Stone Mountain and we spent a few summers there. I’ve got some great childhood memories of climbing the mountain and visiting the park.

    • Cool that must have been awesome. I hear it has gone through a lot of expansion and it’s good that they have different things happening throughout the year …. that way one could never get tired of there!

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