Now this is what I call an awesome day!

After spending over 24 hours staring at the CAD drawing for my final project, there was no doubt in my mind that today had to be a ‘chill’ day.. Otherwise I’d probably go completely insane! Finals are fast approaching (and that potentially suicidal Structures Exam) so I’m trying to push as hard as I can.

Recently discovered that we had a mini version of the High Line 🙂 Cool isn’t it! Really nice view up here – On the way to ‘Taste of the world’

IT started off with me decorating a drawing notebook at a promotional event one of the art stores put on. I suppose that paved the way for the great afternoon that followed. The “Taste of the World Food Festival” proved to be well worth waiting for and YEASS!! I TEMPORARILY satisfied my craving for a patty. Was a little piece (beef) but I sure savoured every bit of that. Otherwise, I sampled dishes; most of which I can’t even pronounce from Egypt, India, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Mozambique, Germany Denmark Thailand  and THE CARIBBEAN to name a few. I was so full that even two hours later and a random compulsion to salsa in the ‘performing area’, I still felt full! I refuse to eat anything else until tomorrow!

I will but attempt to list what I ate: Reading from Left of the flan at bottom center, weird name (pork dish) spicy crab, weird name (chicken dish) buried under an areapa, beans of some sort, PATTY, Chicken and Onions, samosa, empanada, safron rice, tandori chicken, weird name, coconut macaroons, weird name…. and the rest went into my tummy as I waited in line!!! … I know what you’e thinking .D…..

Back tracking a bit; last week I accidentally ended up at one of the other SCAD school buildings. It was then that I realized how little I knew about the other disciplines at SCAD. I walked into an open model studio session in progress and decided to try it out the following week – today! Sure enough I was right there  with my drawing pads and media and ready to see what would unfold. Truth be told it’s been months since I’ve drawn anything. Initially I wondered why I’d even bothered but after the first one and talking to a few others in the session I was ready to go for it again! In the end I was quite pleased.


Above is just a sample of the student’s work –  mine are below: DISCLAIMER: Involves NUDITY

Meditation with Eric – Graphite – (It went downhill from the lower part but I’m still proud of myself 😀 Will try again next quarter)

Graphite and Water colour!

It was so exhilarating that I couldn’t stop and went on to start a sketch of Wallin Hall before the bus came.
What a day huh! AND now .. back to joining lines to make the 3-D model! …..I am in desperate need of a massage . More to come



13 thoughts on “Now this is what I call an awesome day!

    • hahahah Thought I’d add a lil spice to it! 🙂 Glad you approve hehe. It really was great! ahhahah well I do have a ‘Potential foodies’ section. Lol .. I just love how my blog morphs and evolves as the weeks progress!

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