…and a side of ‘fried green tomatoes’ please!

Farmer’s markets are well known events that assist local farmers in selling their produce weekly. In savannah it is now different and I made every effort to get to the one at Forsyth Park last weekend. It was a much smaller scale than I had imagined but still an interesting experience. Thanks to Fraiser (who claims he will soon be very famous) I didn’t miss out on the special incentive for it being my first time there!

I do believe that is called gourd.

I was of the impression that there would be plenty of choices in cheese, milk and breads. That was the case but only if you’re into aged cheese and fancy (and equally strange looking) Italian breads. I tried a small one though have no idea what I’ll make with it but that shall be lunch on Monday maybe! With that said I had to get to Krogers (after I stopped to admire the – no not leaves of fall – beautiful flowers around). Missed the bus twice and literally ran into the middle of the road to stop the third.

This is the loot exclusive of a yummy looking mini pecan pie. As much as I’d love to bake it myself .. I haven’t got the time of day!

Didn’t plan to include the photo initially but then I saw the name of the product 😀 I’m famous!


I got overly excited about the okras! Considering that I went from running outside, picking some off the plant and serving them up to being okra deprived. Unfortunately I have no clue what I’ll do with this many! any suggestions?

The highlight of my day however was seeing a recipe for friend green tomatoes and then buying a few to try out when I got home. YUM! That obsession started after watching the movie with the said name. Glad my first attempt wasn’t too disastrous  Thanks to my flatmate too for her help.

coconut milk, green tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper (really brings up the flavour), flour and corn meal

The finished product. Fried green tomatoes with a side of okras and friend rice compliments of Chef Angela 🙂 Break-Lunch is Served!


12 thoughts on “…and a side of ‘fried green tomatoes’ please!

  1. I see someone is having fun and still finding time to do some ‘shopping’. If the okras too much for you, cook them up for me and I will eat them all ❤

  2. Too late! Long in ma tummyyy 😛 Next time 😀
    A girl can dream you know hehehe I will be content with thinking I’m a household name 😀 as for the okras .. just have to keep cooking em up woii… I sure brought that one on myself!

    Thankx and I feel great too…gonna do sumn with the okras and broccoli and pasta tonight *fingers crossed*

  3. girrrrrrl, that looks and sounds delicious yes. i coming over for some. and Gateaux de la toya aint got nothin to do wid u hun, lol. But the dish looks fantastic. aint know what u going do with all them okras either, but amm, maybe u will find some other nice recipe to try next week. keep enjoying every day of life Latoya, u r doing gr8 so far 🙂

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