Foreign …. the Challenge of Capturing it!

I was walking through a narrow passage yesterday and looked up to an interesting photo composition:

When I saw the theme for this Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought of it as a transition period; going from the known into the unknown.  I also thought of a poem I wrote some time ago. Enjoy!

The Walk Away

 Alone with my thoughts; they’re all I have left
Sunset on another day lost to waiting in vain
A fading echo prompts me back to my reality
But a distant memory revives to relive the pain
I thought ‘us’ my best kept secret, yet so many know
The loud resonating secret I choose to ignore

 Now withered and grey, yet still all alone
But reality sets in and the message is so clear
Not sure when the song finally faded away
Though I constantly look up, you never will appear
My eyes have been opened, I now see the light
Time creeps over the patient, who are too long patient

 **End if**

I also really liked this one: Fitness, Food and Photography


20 thoughts on “Foreign …. the Challenge of Capturing it!

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  2. Thank you for welcoming me to your world….
    It’s quite blury, isn’t it? 🙂
    Stop kidding. I like your composition and the fact that it looks like a picture that you took when you met the guy from the “Third Kind”…

    Good entry!

    • haahaahahahaha You are most welcome! Stop by any time but yes it does get a lil crazy here at times 🙂

      You are right! It does have this extra terrestrial feel to it! Thank you! Best wishes…. *runs over to check out your awesomeness*

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