The good ol’ Old Story Time’

MAMA: Miss Esmeralda frowsy-tail, jiggerfoot, jersey ears, board head gal is your friend? Where is yuh ambition? You don’t have any ambition? After A struggle out mi soul case to send you to big shot high school, you come home come mix up with that little dry-head gal? How much time A must tell you, don’t mix up with the little dutty black gal dem in the district? How much time A must tell you, anything black nuh good? She is no advancement. It look like A will have to beat it into you. (Page 14)

[She went on to ‘drill into his head’ that Margaret, with the ”tall hair down to her back” was the girl for him…Poor Len]

Painting I did (many years ago) of the cover of Old Story Time, Trevor Rhone

I think this could possibly be one of the most memorable (set of) lines from Miss Aggy in Trevor Rhone’s timeless and thought-provoking play Old Story Time with strong themes regarding race, social status, love and family relationships. I remember vividly my attempts to put on a production of the play in College. So sure was I that it would happen that I had even made the posters and called up Mr. Rhone himself to get his permission! [OH so presumptuous ] Unfortunately my enthusiasm was not contagious enough and after numerous cast changes and short-lived ‘rehearsals’ I realized that it was a futile effort. Not a month goes by though when I don’t think of how awesome that would have been!

You can just imagine then how absolutely excited I got when I first heard about the opening of a revamped version of the play then I remembered that I won’t be able to see it. SO that’s where YOU come in … you ALL need to WATCH IT for me 😀 

“The drama thrives on the compelling cultural authenticity of its characters, as well as a series of skillful complications and flashback.” – Eugene Williams (Director)

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