The not so Scary Lady

Back tracking a bit because I’ve realized that I didn’t give an update on ‘The Scary Lady dilemma’. Plans were in place to be assisted by another artistic lady A.K.A. my big sis Celia (hehe) but it all fell through.

4 thoughts on “The not so Scary Lady

    • 🙂 Why thank you! No I haven’t till a few seconds ago when I ‘googled’ it. That’s a nice style looks like a cross between an illustration and painting.

  1. There you are! 😀
    I have missed you but been so hectic that I haven’t had time to see if all’s well on your end! Sorry

    Lol I didn’t get around to finishing it so she remains a one handed chica until I get back to Jamaica! Think I want to try something else though! Too much colour … isn’t my style …

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