You know that moment when you wish the world would end? Yea, I had one of them!

Just when things are going well …..

A night of hell…

It’s one of those things you would never even wish for your worst enemy! It’s that moment when you’re staring at the screen in front of you and are literally frozen in time. Your mind races as you begin to process the fact that the program you’ve been slaving away for hours at is about to close before you made an attempt to save the work.

A good day is usually followed by bad luck…

The irony of it all that I was about ready to call it a night/morning. I’d set it to save and hopped into my warm bed but my guilty conscience got the best of me so I got back around the computer to continue working but realized it was not saving. Afraid that it would ‘burst into flames’ I cancelled the action with the intention of working then retrying to save it later. 


I stared at the dialogue box telling me to click ‘ok’ and accept the fact that the program was not responding and was about to close out! SERIOUSLY?  WHY WOULD I EVER BE OK with having to REDO my entire project. I cried for a good hour (Yes daddy sorry to disappoint but I think even you would have cried!) 4:05 a.m. nice of you …

I called my big lil sis and managed to get my story out in between the sniffles and loud sobbing. Bless her heart for staying up with me until 7:30 and making sure that I kept my cool and got the job REdone! Would not have without her! she sure is the most awesome person I know 🙂

Dry your eyes and move on already!…

Restarting was a huge challenge … I’d suddenly forgotten how it all looked and would break down all over again at the thought that I HAD DONE THIS ALREADY! On top of that … one of the main fonts I’d been working with mysteriously disappeared (and returned the next day).

Needless to say, I was a zombie. Lord knows how I managed to perk up for my presentation but I do believe it went well.

still think what I originally had looked better than this but …. such is life. Glad I got it done!

This is what my team-mate and I did. For our design Studio Project this quarter (yup no semesters here!), we are studying the two streets in Savannah (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Montgomery Street) where the Interstate 16 and fly over  enters/exits the city. The class was divided into teams and researched various aspects of the ‘corridor’ and our section dealt with zoning and the overall quality of the streets and connecting streets (Colourful map at bottom right).

Stage Two will have us starting the redesign aspects.

We also had a powerpoint/pdf presentation on some precedent studies what will assist in the redesign of the corridor given that the I-16 fly over is removed and the other part of it redirected.

HAPPY 25th to my wonderful parents 🙂 Rounded them up on Skype this morning 🙂 Sorry you missed that Chelle’ we tried calling though.


11 thoughts on “You know that moment when you wish the world would end? Yea, I had one of them!

  1. that sounds paaaaainful yo. I am really sorry chica. the number of times that has happened to all us architecture students its amazing.Glad your project and presentation went well though. The road to success is a very bumpy one sometimes my dear. Glad your big sis was able to spur you on. Wish u continued success. I know u will continue to do well 🙂

  2. Ah the school days when a presentation is due the next day and you’ve toiled for days only for it to go bad in the final few hours before class……never happened to me but that sucks…glad you got it redone amidst all the crying…post that grade

    • heheh YES!!!
      Never happened to me till now though but hope it never will again! Glad you’ve never gone through that trauma though!!!!!

      Will do when I get the final on it!

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