I think I’m turning Japanese

Yes, I know .. my life these days seems to revolve around food :O – shocked expressions accepted. I literally eat 24/7 – the only thing I keep leaving behind is my last bag of banana and plantain chips. The reality that I may never see another any time soon is too much to bear.

*Anyhoo* *Flashback to Thursday Night*

(can you believe that was almost a week ago! It’s been crazy here .. )

Gone With the Wind showed tonight at the Lucas Theatre on 32 Abercorn Street. It’s a romantic comedy for want of a better description shot in the 1930’s Though I thought it would be fantastic to see it in such a  setting, it just wasn’t meant to be. Instead I enjoyed a wonderful night out with two friends from Trinidad or fellow ‘islanders’. Long story short (’cause there was a bit of drama leading up to this that I shant get into), we chose to dine at Heiwa’s, a very cool Japanese restaurant and sushi bar with a quirky but friendly compliment of staff.

After much deliberation, we decided to try out a few of the most intriguing items and mused at the warning; consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,
or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, [DUH!] that lined the bottom of each menu page. P.S. I will like you more if you don’t ask me to tell you *which was which*

Tootsie – Shrimp & cream cheese coated in tempura crunch & drizzled with sweet eel sauce

Mermaid – Crab mix, cream cheese & shrimp tempura, topped with salmon, avocado, tempura, crunch & sauces.

Spider – Fried soft shell crab, cucumber, masago, and mayonnaise

Crunch Roll – Spicy Tuna, Eel, Asparagus and Avocado

Shara’s trying to figure out what to try first!

Obviously being idle, we thought it’d be cool so see how well we could handle the taste of wasabi by itself ….. You be the judge of my experience 🙂 Before – During – After – THE REAL AFTER

Content with our meal, we ventured to the adjacent attraction – Ellis Square. There wasn’t much activity save for some music being played and a gentleman trying to get the trickle of people there to dance along. We obliged for a few seconds before calling the taxi and heading back to the dorms.

I love this one! It’s on Bryan Street right next to Ellis Square.

Chantal and I being idle

This was where I later met my new boyfriend 🙂

Otherwise, it’s pretty interesting to not that I’m immediately picked up as being ‘Caribbean’ after uttering one word yet back home I’m told that I don’t sound Jamaican or remotely local. Hmmmnnnnnnn

Ok back to reading 😛 SEE YAH!


10 thoughts on “I think I’m turning Japanese

    • hehehe thank you! Glad you enjoyed 🙂 I know it’s embarrassing but it’s so darn funny that I still laugh when I see it! “Learn to laugh at yourself and you’ll always be amused!’

      Thankx for stopping by 😀

  1. really cool, they look yummy actually, last time denton made me try his raw sushi, biggest mistake ever! but i am glad you had friends & fun, great combo-nation :)….keep smiling xoxoxo

  2. Your blog is interesting, I just keep coming back again and again. The Spider sounded delicious, and the restaurant looks lovely. I bet the wasabi was hot huh? I haven’t ever tried it! xxx

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