A Taste of India and a walk to River Street

After staying up until 5 a.m. to finish a drawing,when my alarm rang at 8:30 I was by no means inclined to get out of bed. Aside from that, my feet ached from the week of getting lost and found in the town (have I got stories!).

Quite pleased am I to say that my school has certified me to operate all those wonderfully dangerous equipment in the Woodwork Shop. [Recalls my old classmates telling me to stay clear of saws etc.] After rapidly going through all that was in the workshop, we were given a test (aced it!). I am quite terrified and greatly intimidated by pretty much all of the machines [laser cutter, band saws, table saws, etc.] but eager to learn to use them SAFELY so that I can make some awesome models for my projects later! Wish me luck!

Following that was another opportunity to reconnect with the other international students I’d met during international students orientation period at the Welcome Reception. Austin was with me every step of the way so I thought I’d share some photos from the walk to and at the Location. Let’s see how good I am at recalling these street names!


Cathedral of St. John the Baptist – Harris Street


I have no clue which street this was but i love walking through areas like these!


Habersham Hall on the corner of Habersham and Perry! AKA our destination πŸ™‚

An array of flags lined the width of the space. Habersham Hall was builtΒ 1887 and (can you believe it) was originally The Savannah County Jail. Do believe you’re looking into the old jail cells at left.

Thomas Claxton singing while playing the guitar while we got our grub on and ‘socialized’


Le menu: TandoriΒ chicken, white rice, samosa, nal, chicken tikka masala and curried potatoes (??)


Can you spot the Jamaican flag?!

LC-Savannah LC-Savannah

Though I could barely move, I managed to get up and along with two of my flatmates, went for a walk with the intention of getting to River Street; a place I had heard so much about and had experienced once before at night. Since it was early evening I figured it would be an interesting comparison!


another beautiful park – trust me I’m looking at my map and can’t figure out which one this is because I don’t quite remember the route we took! SORRY


Entering the Victorian District

LC-Savannah LC-Savannah

Angela and Vicky!

LC-Savannah LC-Savannah LC-Savannah LC-Savannah

Vicky and I – Photo by Angela! Sitting and watching people pass us along River Street

LC-SavannahΒ The captioning started to go haywire but the previous three as well as the image below are all shots of/views from River Street.Β LC-Savannah

Oh, Remind me to take you to the candy shop one of these days!



30 thoughts on “A Taste of India and a walk to River Street

    • heheh πŸ˜€ I’m quite excited but will make sure I follow all instructions clearly .. If my reaction to getting a paper cut is oh so dramatic i can hardly think of how it’l bee if I chop a finger … :O

    • lol not here though! I’ve deliberated tried to avoid that and sometimes it’s pretty difficult. I’m in the south can’t vouch for everywhere nearby but it is pretty sunny for a ridiculously long time in the day most times!

  1. Wow is all I can say to this post. These photos are all gorgeous and I love walking along the streets and just drinking in the surroundings. I love the street with all the world flags, that’s really neat. Lovely post! xxx

  2. THIS is how you encourage people to linger in the streets and take in the city and spend money!!!Thats how its done. lovely pics latoya. When u do these blogs on places (in jamaica or elsewhere) i find myself putting them on my “must see before i die” list lol. great job once again and best of luck in school.

    Sigh… Those streets πŸ™‚ lol

    • πŸ˜€ Aweee thank you! The hotels are booked out and I do think that they are doing well. It’s a great place to be and even nicer environment to study in! I Hope you do get to many of these places…. did you see the one on the south coast tour! Make sure those places are visited πŸ˜€

  3. Thats it! thats where i went! river street. That last pic is the place that sells that awesome macadamia nut cookie! Its amazing how that place so transformed from being a jail yard to looking like somewhere i would really like to go. Lovely pics. Thanks for the share πŸ™‚

    • Cool! It’s pretty awesome there at night .. totally different atmosphere! That candy shop gave me instant diabetes at the sight of it :O hahaha

      So true! SCAD has done a remarkable job where adaptive reuse is concerned. Maybe I should really do a thing on that. Gonna be highly researched though so ( may take a while)

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