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Here’s to my Future….May it be Bright! Was the first in my ‘endless part’ series on my new journey. I realize that I have let myself down miserably where updating is concerned so I have so much to share.



‘These people are insane’ was my first thought when my door burst open for the second time. The first was at 6:30 am and as far as I was concerned we weren’t leaving the house until 9:30 am so I really couldn’t understand why I was being hauled out of bed at such an hour. Otherwise, I’d stayed up the night before getting some last-minute things done and simply too because I was way too excited to sleep. You can imagine my shock at realizing that 9:30 was actually the time we were meant to reach the airport. *Jaw drop moment* I literally flew out of the bed and was fully alert.

It all went by so fast – got a bit teary saying goodbye to Grandma who was busy chewing away at breakfast and not really listening to me anyway. Bless her! The drive to the airport was filled with not too many quiet moments as I fought not to dwell on my imminent absence. Also decided to wave ‘goodbye’ to random people and shout out to some of my ‘fav’ places I’d miss. (Got a few blank stares)

The airport seemed empty so checking in was not a hassle … after spending half an hour waiting for the airline reps to get to their counters. That gave us ample time to check out an elderly man who was all decked out in a VERY vintage teal three-piece suit and a matching dulcimena  luggage set in hand.

Beef Patty anyone? Yes? … Sorry – Offer expired!

I savoured one last – and ridiculously expensive – patty ($180.00 and it was so-so beef!) at the airport while everyone watched and understood that ‘kind Toya’ would not be offering a bite to anyone. Then came the inevitable – saying goodbye to Dad, who tried to fit in the cargo but was unsuccessful *smile* and Sylvie.

Smooth sailing and lost precious cargo

Now it was just Mom, Auntie and I (they would stay for a week to help me settle in) who boarded the plane. Little did we know that we were in for a treat!

I watched as she took up the microphone thingy (forgive the bad terminology) and in a deep southern accent said “I notice we have a lot of strong handsome men on this flight. You know yourselves!” by this she had everyone’s attention as she continued in her southern drawl that was quite melodic. “Now go ahead and close the overhead compartments” Instantly the sound of bins being closed echoed through the plane followed by a lot of laughs and applause. Needless to say, she continued to amuse us as the flight progressed. Catherine it was a pleasure to have met you, I was a bit taken aback that you have to pay for all the bags checked on but you made the Delta flight memorable and yes ‘what happens in Jamaica – is gonna end up on Facebook!’ (lots of returning vacationers on that flight) We arrived in Atlanta and rushed through to the first step in the (seemingly long) process of connecting to the next flight. The Immigration Officer who was dealing with us was most friendly and not at all concerned with time. Though he was most disappointed that I didn’t have any ‘breadfruit’, he was quite pleased with the pack of St. Mary’s Banana Chips I offered him. (A.K.A. Precious cargo loss) Turned out to be ‘uber’ easy to connect– we started to wonder if we were doing something wrong. Best of all there were NO Baggage checks! How lovely!

Mom said that the pilot guided the plane like a taxi – but I’m just glad we got there in one piece. Kinda miss the days of clapping when the plane landed though. Arrived in Savannah, Georgia at 7:31p.m. and was greeted by a really beautiful sunset. Austin was MIA (and as you would have realized by now was this way for the entire trip -_-) and of course by time we collected our bags and made our exit (no customs), IT WAS DARK.

… Of all the travelling I’ve done over the days… I enjoyed that day the most. The people I interacted with were all so friendly and accommodating and best of all I finally experienced a flight without the painful earache during take-off and landing.

I must admit that the first few days left me overwhelmed and very under-documented where photos were concerned. There I was, thankfully not hopelessly alone as my Mom and Aunt were there for a week and I had lots of help to move on hall over the weekend. Even now I think it all hasn’t fully sunk in but I am grateful that so far everything has been going well. Still  trying to make my room look presentable but I will show in the next post and get to the juicy details of Orientation at my new school Savannah College of Art and Design. Otherwise – IT IS HOT AS HELL! Some days I wish I think the heat’s going to peel right off my face!

P.S. – Hope you like the slide show! 🙂

Civic CenterFirst African Baptist ChurchIn Franklyn SquareThe Savannah Civic CenterAll I can say that this is one of many beautiful streets and best of all it's well shaded :DCareful when crossing the road!
Here we go again! Think I really like this street.Flower and beemacro in actionIMG_6996IMG_7006IMG_7211

All Things Savannah, a set on Flickr.

Up Next: PART 3 – ‘All so familiar yet all so NEW – SCAD Life Begins’ 🙂


9 thoughts on “All Things Savannah

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  2. Your pics are post card worthy, very awesome. 🙂 I drove thru savannah once and man is that place beautiful! We stopped and went to some shops along some kind of water body (i think it was on Bay Street), everything was brick and some of the roads were cobble stone, the history of that place is stunning. It was in one of those shops where i first laid eyes on & totally fell in love with macadamia nut cookies :D. The place is perfect for you, you are gonna love it and its gonna love you :), Enjoy sweedy 🙂

    • Ohh nice everyday I see something even more beautiful than the day before! It’s great. I know where you are referring to – River Street. 🙂 Was there today actually!

      So far so good 😀 Getting around is getting easier as I become more familiar with the street names and all that!

  3. Thanks for taking us along. 🙂

    Beautiful photos. 🙂 (What I wouldn’t give to be on that horse and buggy tour!! 🙂 )

    I am positive you will make your mark there. I will watch the news for the great things God will accomplish through you.

    Blessings and happy settling in.

    • Thank you so much Ann! Will use your posts as a source of inspiration.

      P.S. The Churches here are gorgeous! Haven’t found one yet but I intend to soon.

      Thank you! I would love to do that as well! the horses are gi-normous! yet have very short legs .. quite odd looking some of them but compliment the streets well!

      I will do the best I can! hope to make a mark too 😀

      • You are most welcome, Ayo
        Hope you find great church somewhere close. 🙂
        The horses sound quite interesting, but I’m sure I would be nervous to go near them. lol
        I just read your comment about the course schedule … will they allow you to modify/swap courses?

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