The ‘Scary Lady’ Dilemma

I need your help!

I am quite desperate at this point.  One of the highlights of getting my own room meant it belonged to me and I had all rights reserved to ‘decorate’ in any way I see most fit. Thus my dream of having a mural was born. I primed one side in lilac a few months ago and until now, had remained uninspired to continue.

Later, I was privileged to have two multi-talented English designers assist me with the concept and layout! [Much love Simmy and Shanny] 😀 Thanks too to my ‘Master Blender’ Rochelle! Everything seemed to be going great … until:

Not only do I wonder ‘who the hell is that in my room’ EVERYTIME I walk in, I get startled all over again at the thought that my privacy has been invaded. My parents are having a good laugh at me and no doubt my sleep has not been as peaceful since she’s made her bold entrance onto my wall.

Don’t get me wrong .. it’s growing on me a bit but it’s just too creepy :S

So …. what do I do about this? Do I continue and hope that the flowers and waterfall and butterflies and other such elements will lessen the impact of this figure OR …. BUY A BUCKET OF LILAC PAINT AND ….???

Comments welcome!

*Rant of the Month*


18 thoughts on “The ‘Scary Lady’ Dilemma

    • OH YES! I really think I’m going to try doing that … went way too dark ….. been at it though and I’m liking the improvement so I’ll update soon! Thanks for your input 😀

  1. I must admit when i saw the first pic of you painting the wall, i pictured an image of ‘beautiful flowers with an awesome backdrop’ to follow…..i was shocked when i saw the ‘scary lady’……maybe if i hear your reason for her, then i wont object. So whats the reason????

    • lol well I think when I’m done it’s gonna look even more ‘resorty’ :S Hope that’s a good thing!

      Hmmnnn Ok I’m not sure how to change that setting or rather what to change :S Any ideas?

  2. 🙂 Thankx for you input on this matter! You are right! Don’t think I’ll have enough time to finish it before I leave but I won’t turn my back on it just yet 🙂 I”ll give another update when I get some more done on it!

    Hope it really will surprise me! 🙂

  3. I think the rest of the layout will soften it a bit. I see your point though:-) I can see where such a mural could be startling in the middle of the night, especially so close to one’s bed. Still, keep going. Don’t bring out the lavender over-coat until you’ve s een the finished product; you might end up pleasantly surprised.

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