Beautiful Blogger Award

It’s been a crazy few days! Realize that I haven’t had a second to pay attention to what’s going on here. Actually I think it’s more of laziness on my part. For that I do sincerely apologize. There’s so much going on up in my lil’ head space and I’ve been fighting the urge to not think about it.

First off  and my reason for this blog post, I must thank Serendipiy  for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger award :D. Pretty great feeling to know that others appreciate what you have to say and takes the time out to let you know!

There are 3 rules and they are:

  1. Post seven interesting things about myself.
  2. Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award.
  3. Let them know about the nomination.

I really liked the questions that Laura used and with her permission I’ve decided to answer the same ones. I must say though that 7 happens to not only be the day I was born but also it’s one of my favourite numbers~ [a lot of important enough things have happened on the 7th] Click here if you wanna read more randomness about me though!

1)  What do you think is best feeling in the world?

Being around people who genuinely care about you! It’s absolutely refreshing to have a wonderful time with family and close friends. Still having a hard time differentiating the genuine ones though – such damn good actors.

2)  What do you keep in your wallet aside from money, cards and pictures?

Hnnnnnnnnnnn Nothing interesting :S Think I ought to do something about that!

3)  What is your most embarrassing moment?

😀 I have a whole lot – alas I am a clutz at heart but I’ve learned to laugh at myself and surprisingly the moment passes and is quickly forgotten! Last one though was me mistaking  a volume control for a mouse … can just imagine how much of a Blonde Mr. Man thought I was.

4)  Can you comfortably eat in a restaurant by yourself?

Yes! I’ve come a long way —> EXHIBIT A –> 

5)  What specific thing have you done that impressed yourself? 

Every time I try something new and get  a really good result! I’m semi pleased with this my latest work of art .. it’s charcoal and lead peacefully trying to exist on the same paper.

6)  Would you rather be really hot or really cold?  

I’ll take the heat any day! Well ….. that’s what I’ve always said but … I’m not sure anymore

7)  What is your favorite season?

Well Jamaica doesn’t really go by seasons … I do love the Easter Time though!

Yes , it’s a specially made ‘Birthday Bun’ for ME!

It didn’t say how many persons i should nominate but I’m gonna go right ahead and list 4 that I’ve recently been introduced to and like keeping up with 🙂 I tracked back sooo hopefully that takes care of #3!

The Way I See

Tasha’s Treasure Trove 

Tonirand’s Blog

Photo Nature Blog

11 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. I totally LOVED your answers! Your charcoal artwork is really amazing. You’re so talented. I love getting to know other bloggers better and really enjoyed learning about you. I see we have the whole clutz thing in common. Thanks for participating and I want you to know that I really do think you are a “Beautiful Blogger”. 😀

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