Weekly Photo Challenge: WRONG

Once again The Weekly Photo Challenge  has allowed me to share photos that otherwise would probably remain in my collection.

For weeks now there has been a buzz in the air as attempts to decorate towns across Jamaica in time for the country’s celebration of 50 years of Independence on August 6, have escalated. Many buildings and posts have been decorated with CLOTH and a few side-walks and walls have been painted in Black, Green and Golden Yellow.

This one  however, made me most disgruntled and I feel that indeed it is WRONG on so many levels.

When I saw this I got so upset as I stared at it in disbelief. Here standing at about 20 feet is a landmark  located at the corner of Market and Main Street in St. Ann’s Bay. I just couldn’t understand why anyone thought it was a good idea to paint it as opposed to using cloth.

Some thoughts on this act were:

“Guess its patriotic. Absolutely hideous tho 😡 -Probably one of those seems-like-a-good-idea moments that went wrong because the final product just looks like a bad idea.” J. Pommells

“I thought it was cloth! LAWD HELP!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! They need to strip it! ppl are gonna get migraines. Good intention yes but Fabric would have been better. Oh dear!” C. Seaton

“This has caused me great distress…I’m just confused…historic building or not – really? Paint it that way? Why? Who? I’ll go to sleep now, my night has been deluged with great torment.” K. Harding

” I understand this is an effort to instill civic pride but most effective way to do so is to restore more architectural symbols of our past. Rather than turning them into a joke” R. McConnell


36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: WRONG

  1. They did something on the roof too……hmm……Seems they really got carried away with this one. I dont remember anyone else repainting for the purpose, so u thought they woulda just went with the flow. Thats really really uncool!!!! They should get the people’s opinion before they go drastic!

      • The roof was done over a year ago. that didn’t bother me much since you can only see it from a particular angle. But even with the roof the clock itself just looks ridiculous!

        Ha ha thank you! Well that will have to be proven true or not with time 🙂

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    • I really want to know what the thought process was behind this because it still boggles me! Scaffolding alone is expensive but aside from that .. no respect for the clock.

  5. Connection problems so I’ll try again…A case of too much patriotism perhaps? You are right, a cloth or something temporary would have worked. Congratulations to Team Jamaica at the Olympics!

    • Glad your comment came through! I have no idea what went on really going to do some investigations!
      IKR! They are doing extremely well! Really great job! 😀

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    • Tell me about it … do hope they hurry and change it … One may think ‘oh, it’s just paint’ but it’s more about respect for historic buildings and landmarks.

  7. Good entry! I’m so sorry to see how the city planners have got it wrong, but happy 50th anniversary. (Though right now I wish you were still part of team GB with those fantastic athletes you have!)

    • Thank you! Thank you!!! indeed rather unfortunate.
      Ha ha wouldn’t you love that!!!! Was a really nice celebration (I have a post on it) and on-going birthday present from our athletes! 🙂 Best wishes to you!

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