First we were emancipated…..

It was a night like any other yet oh so different. The moon was full and the stage was set to welcome Emancipation Day (which came to be on August 1, 1834). Many gathered and claimed their seats eager to witness the annual show held at the Seville Great House in St. Ann. Though tired and sweaty from our earlier escapades (which I will tell you about in a later post) we were glad to have gotten there before showtime.

There was dancing, singing, chanting, dub poetry among other performances as one sat and reflected on the hardships that our ancestors over came to allow us the freedoms we now enjoy and sadly take for granted at times.

Unfortunately tiredness set in and overwhelmed everyone so the decision was taken to make an early retreat. My cousin said everything happens for a reason and though our attentions perked up at the excitement resulting from the arrival of the fashionably late dignitaries, the shower of rain that later followed made us glad to be safely tucked in the comfort of our beds!

Found a Gleaner article on the event (no mention of rain though) as well as another Blogger’s take .

Also, here’s a pre-interview on Smile Jamaica.

Thought these two (unedited) shots came out pretty fantastic though I had no intention of them looking like that – They really gave a feeling of the mood that (I believe) was yet to follow!

And in other news …. 

1) Part two of this will follow after the events slated to take place tomorrow being Independence Day as GRAND GALA IS STILL ON. Do check out the 4 links that I’ve embedded. Real good information there.

2) Much love to all the finalists and those left to perform in the Olympics. I’m seeing photos of pot covers being broken in two and a pandemonium across the island. Lovely birthday present for Jamaica.

3) Rain, rain go away … come back next week … or even the week after for that matter!

4) I have so much catching up to do …. a lot of the next few entries will be over due accounts of past events but since I intend to look back at my blog years later, I still see it fit to include them.

5) I had something else to say but for the life of me …I Can’t recall :S

6) I remember now – Hope you’ll like the (new) patriotic layout … Will update shortly… I seem to be the Mistress of Change these days! I can’t help it!

8 thoughts on “First we were emancipated…..

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading it.
      Yes those shots I feel turned out great!

      Thank youuuuuuu! Look out for my Independence day Grand Gala Post… working on it now 🙂 Think you’ll like that as well.

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