I’ve Been Enchanted … again!

There is for sure one place that no matter how many times I go there (and believe me, it’s been many!) I always learn something new. This place is Turtle River Falls and Garden located on Eden Bower Road, Ocho Rios (Road to Evitas) 

The Enchanted Gardens were. It’s is formerly known as Carinosa, then The Enchanted Gardens  when it was owned by the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Edward Seaga. It’s changed hands on numerous occasions ….would be great if it would one day fall into mine! 😀 The beautiful 20 acre property features:

  • 14 cascading waterfalls on the Turtle River which flows along the nature trail
  • Varieties of indigenous and endangered plants
  • 80 Different species of Exotic birds in a 382,329 cubic feet sized Walk-In-Aviary
  • A beautiful Japanese Koi Pond
  • A tropical isle swimming pool with swim up bar and grill
Needless to say I have hundreds of photos en mass and it is quite amazing that I was finally able to narrow down to share a few of my favourites on this last trip ….. do expect an update after my next visit on this post 😀 ENJOY!!!!
P.S. Was quite hilarious walking back into Ochi with our ‘souvenirs’ especially the peacock feathers DWL

Etlingera elatior – Torch Ginger Flower
Hybrid of the Red Ginger Flower. Really huge plant… creeps me out a lil bit but I found it fascinating none-the-less.

Mini study of the Japanese Trumpet Plant. Very tiny flower! Reminds me of an umbrella and a flamingo when inverted.

Adiantum – Maiden Hair Fern – used for medicinal purposes – a tea made from it is said to relieve coughs and even more serious respiratory conditions such as bronchitis. Also used as an ‘earring’ for newly pierced ears!

Nishikigoi – The Japanese Koi fish that live up to 100 years here in Jamaica and in  up to 200 in Japan They are seen as a symbol of love and friendship and get quite large too!

Gorgeous! Ixora Flower … kindly correct me … saw it as Thetty as well … it’s lovely and can even make bracelets (see my first photo)

this lil fella quite liked being on my hand. Love its colours. . .

I wonder where this came from!….

….I bravely accepted this ‘if looks could kill’ stare

10 thoughts on “I’ve Been Enchanted … again!

  1. Lovely! So we both fell in love with the Ocho Rios area (we were in White River last week)… I love gardens. Those torch lilies grow well in humid conditions and near water. I love them!

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