Edna Manley… Final Year Show 2012

Without a doubt, this event was on my calendar almost a year in advance.  It really is funny how things change but that’s life and possibly another story. Though at one point it didn’t seem I would make it, things found a way to work themselves out and sure enough at 6:30 I was seated while looking up at a full moon???? and waiting for the opening of the Final year Exhibition at the Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts.

The Hon. Damion Crawford, Minister of State, Tourism & Entertainment was the guest speaker and did not fail to charm his attentive audience. His address, filled with humor also had a fair enough balance of seriousness to it as he commended the students and spoke of the importance of art then concluded by declaring the Exhibition officially open. I must confess that he lost me at some points but overall he gave a very good presentation.

I do now realize how much easier captioning would be had I remembered to buy the book (if anyone would like to get one for me … THANKS IN ADVANCE :D) but I’ll do the best I can …. :S Thanks too to Alex, my co-photographer for the night 🙂

It was great seeing some persons I haven’t seen in months, lecturers included (Won’t start calling names) and the turn out was pretty good! Can imagine how many proud families were gathered to see the end results of a long but rewarding journey.

Congratulations to the class of 2012! You all did a fantastic job and I do believe all that hard work, blood? and perhaps tears were well worth it. I wish you all the best as you continue along your creative paths. Hope to see some of these ideas become a reality as they are really great. If you believe in it enough GO FOR IT!

Lacey’s Playhouse – Clothing inspired by CANDY! Sweet ! Check out her page –

Lacey’s Playhouse on Facebook

Dancehall Reality – A documentary by Michael Evans

Check out the VIDEO!

Who would have thought … painting on linoleum. Media – Charcoal, chalk and oil. By Shanique Brown

This was quite interesting….. being led into a dark room to find a stalactite looking sculpture. material inclusive of steel, this piece depicts the entrapment created by on-line censorship. Duane Allen BFA – Sculpture

Kamaal checking out this Chinese inspired clothing line by Daniella Toyloy

Part of another presentation – Troydel Wallace BFA Visual Communication. Graphic novel with themes along the lines of racial discrimination ….. Thought the 3-D aspect was pretty cool.

One of my favs! … Cotton Tree Publishing. Very neat idea. Jamaican Duppy Stories like you’ve never heard them! Rolling calf, Annie Palmer etc. I was so disappointed that this will never be a reality – and you know that I can’t even watch Scary Movie 1-3 without being scared!!!!! By Fabian Pinkney

…… Quite interesting exploration of the evolution of music over the past 50 years! By Taven Nembhard

Click here for more information: Lyrics

Garcia’s a part of this group – Life Ology – Bachelors Art Education

Doing a quick sketch of his model

🙂 Renee you are brilliant … so Vybz Kartel reinvented Cake Soap as a bleaching agent …. if you tried it and hated it .. Melonin is guaranteed to get you back to that darker shade you should have stuck with in the first place!

By Leo Rhule – I absolutely fell in love with this presentation (especially after I saw it in its entirety)…. Unfortunately I don’t really have alot of photos 😥 Was a very cool concept – Travel to Creativity – the journey though the thought/design process. Wish I can print the images that I still have in my head!

He also had one that looked like an ass with Golding’s head on it ….. *whistles and walks away*

Strangers passing by – We take a photo of each other, look up, nod and walk away … lol

Hilarious 😛 Real cool set I tell yah!

…and that’s a wrap! More photos in an album on my Facebook profile! Will set the album to public so you can still see even if you’re not on my friends list. Enjoy 🙂

P.S. The exhibition  will run until June 16, 2012

Opening hours are: 11am – 7pm (weekdays), 11am – 4pm (weekends)….. Lemme know which were your favourites!

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