Ode to the Entrepreneurs

Consider this Part 2 of my weekend. I do realize that I have no clue what style of recall this is and I’m hoping that all these thoughts do not seem random and incoherent.

Still in Emancipation Park, my ‘photo shoot’ was noted by a gentleman sitting on a bench. He asked me to take a photo of him. “How will you get it?’ was my initial response. Eventually I decided to take his picture. Call it practice. After which he pulled out an ID that gave him permission to take professional photos in the park. We had a lively conversation and I in turn asked him to take my photo! Yes I really had a bit of time on my hands it seems. That he printed and gave to me … for a small but reduced fee :). Feel lazy to take a pic of it and show but I look lovely!

So if you’re ever in the area and want a photographer for whatever reason, link Lloyde Burke 🙂 He does weddings, graduations, birthday parties etc. Yah… free advertisement!

Photo by L. Burke …. had a bit of difficulty taking this photo of a photo haha

Otherwise, I couldn’t resist snapping up a a couple pics while walking through and wishing I lived nearer so I could utilize the jogging track.



Call it a moment of insanity but I had this bright idea that it would be fun to walk from New Kingston to Half Way Tree (also I wasn’t quite sure where to find a taxi!) It was … quite a walk in the blistering sun. I do believe my face got ten shades darker but I enjoyed it and couldn’t resist stopping to take a photo (wit my phone ofcourse) of a sign on the front of a Dentist’s office that said … ‘we cater to cowards’ EVIL but quite so! I am terrified of them.

After I cooled down a bit I met up with Debb-Z who has now made me a purse-loving lady! :O Yes that is possible! I absolutely love it and it scored 10 more points when I realized that my phone fits so well in there! YAY ME!

She has some really nice things so check out her page and support! – Debb-Z Dollhouse

So, any ideas of what PART 3 will be about? No ….well stay tuned 🙂 


8 thoughts on “Ode to the Entrepreneurs

  1. I love this post, I felt I was walking around with you (and yes, the heat, and wind combined are stupefying!) I need a little purse like that for my new phone, will check out Debb-Z! And by the way, please post your photo that Mr. Burke took! (and was that a nun I saw walking along the jogging trail?!!) Thanks.

    • Thank you! was a really nice walk around and especially just sitting there and observing.

      Good good! Hope you find something you like from her collection!

      Ok! I will do that and add it to the post in a few. N yes lol that was a nun walking around!

      • Life in Jamaica is so quaint and funny sometimes! 🙂 But many people just don’t take the time to walk around and chat to people. It would make a nice TV program actually, a Kingston “Hill & Gully Ride” perhaps!

        • it is! Even how I met the photographer guy .. I could have been rude and told him something feisty … turns out he’s even from where I live. Small world! (P.S. Photo added!)

          Now that would me cool!

          • Lovely photo! The park is also looking SO nice and well kept. I always believe that you should talk to people like human beings, with respect and courtesy, WHOEVER they are…and good things will come. And everyone has to try and make a living, Lord knows it is hard enough these days!

    • Thank you! It was really even sitting there got some nice cool breeze and there’s an ice cream shop across the road. Cool hang out spot if you’re alone or have company!

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