TWO Years Later, I still see shades of GREY

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 Time seems to fly. Initially I had typed ‘one year later’ in the title section only to realize that in fact it was two years ago that I had that overwhelming feeling that life as I knew it was over. I had no idea what I would do with myself or how to re-adjust to ‘normalcy’. Even now I’m still fighting sleep because I’m so used to being up till the sun returns! I was scared of being finally thrown out into the world and nervous at the thought of not having lecturers or studio or anything I’d grown accustomed to over the last four years.

I fondly remember my last days at C.S.A. (Caribbean School Of Architorture); sure as hell feels like yesterday. Running around to get my final presentation pinned up. By then I’d learned how to ‘stress less’ and I knew for sure that I was happy. I often think of my classmates and would wonder if we’d keep in touch or slowly drift apart. It’s proved to be mostly the latter… I’ve even realized that some friendships were horribly misinterpreted. Now I look at the different persons in my photo album and realize that many of them don’t hold as special a place in my life as they once did. But that is life; everyone in it is there only for a season. I got over it … moved on and got over them too!

I haven’t updated anything for a while – not even my top secret Microsoft Word personal journal – there’s just so much going on and I guess I’m far too over whelmed to pen it out. But I sit here … staring at that blank wall ahead that I intend to ‘mark up’ with my creativity real soon (take it figuratively or literally), trying to figure it all out. Till then I’d rather go back to the past a lil 🙂

I’d made this video to compile my ‘last days’ … still feels like it was yesterday. Contemplated fixing it up because I think it’s quite horrible now .. but two years ago .. I was pretty proud of it so I won’t change it at all! But here’s to life, good friends and the ones I’ve lost along the way!


7 thoughts on “TWO Years Later, I still see shades of GREY

  1. Wow this is too deep of an memory to deal with right now. Looking at the compilation is sure enough innocent that I want that very moment back. Frozen in time, that I am but if I’m not careful i may never put a foot forward. I never want to move on when I am having fun, who does. But at the very moment, were you actually having “fun”? Or is it that fun is bass on what you can remember at the time, time was capture through the lense of life. Life then and life as we know it now is not the same.

  2. 🙂 thankx! Feels like that for the most part though. It is a part of it all though but I’m glad for the ones who even if we lose contact for a couple months .. the conversation is far from being awkward.

    I like that outlook though! 🙂 Here’s also to turning over a new page!

  3. Don’t worry. I don’t think you have “lost” your friends. The same thing happened to me after I left college. Everyone moves on with their lives, and the extreme closeness of college and school friends is something that probably can’t be repeated. You’re probably right – those friends were really not so special – or they were special just for three or four years, during a special time that is now over. I don’t see it as having “got over” them – just that I have turned over another page.

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