There I was checking my mail [that I hardly get] when I saw a post from WordPress telling me that it’s Poetry Month! Really? I had no idea and the month is almost at its end (so maybe I’m mildly exaggerating). Ironically, all week I’ve been thinking about writing a new poem but for the life of me I can’t figure out where to start or what to even right about SO that ideas been set on the back burner of my mind for now. I ended up on another page that had an article on 30 Ways to Celebrate then decided to ‘ Revisit a poem you loved when you were young, then give a poem you didn’t like another try‘. Maybe next year I’ll be inspired enough to write a poem a day [that makes sense] for a month. Sure ….

I suppose that when I wrote this, Ne-Yo might have come to mind. Once again though, it’s based on a true story [Thanks to ‘My Angel’ for all the inspiration to write most of the poems I have] and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you could relate. This one is called:


I’ve unleashed my repressed thoughts now I await your response

You’ve really done it this time love, how will you save yourself

To my surprise you look at me as if you’re in denial

Once again I painfully realise my words meant nothing to you

Your eyes light up, your lips they curve,

My eyes narrow, my countenance a frown

your face dances with amusement though you try so hard to hide it

as I become more and  more annoyed with every smirk you blatantly express

Do you even realise just what it is that you do to me

Does it ever cross your mind that you’re slowly sending me over the edge

It seems to me you like to ride the dragon unleashed in me

‘Don’t laugh, don’t smile’ it’s not a bloody joke

My words aren’t from a comic book; I’m not a circus clown

Don’t you know I’m tempted, to knock your senses back

I’m hurt and angry yet there you are; you seem to think “it’s cute”

Defeated … again, I’ll wait for round 2

While I take deep breaths in then out, as I try to regain my composure

Wondering just how on earth I’ll ever make you understand

Ayo Liag

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