SEVEN of many memorable moments …

… That made April 7, 2012 FANTASTIC!

  1. Waking up feeling happy and overly excited πŸ™‚ as opposed to ‘bawling’ down the place like I usually do. I purposed that I would have a great day no matter what (n’ that I did – wasn’t hard either)!
  2. The people who took the time to remember my special day without having Facebook to put it on blast πŸ˜€ *Noted*
    a. Errol calling me at 12:00 am πŸ˜›
    b. The ‘Whisper’ Happy Birthday Song by Chelle … and the louder one by mommy
    c. The text from auntie at 12 hehe and running to her room to find her ‘sleeping’ with her glasses on. So BUSTED.Β 
  3. Grandma Singing me Happy Birthday and adding a third verse: and what are you now? then asking “So what you wishing me?’ hehe
  4. *Grandma making noise in her room which turned everyones focus from ME* to which I retorted: “No grandma today is not your day! These three (Mom, Chelle, Auntie) are at my beck and call, if I have a booger to be picked …” MU-HA-HA-HAΒ 
  5. My nails being fancied up by Chelle’! Thank you! Really love them.Β 
  6. Bacchanal Beach Jouvert!Β (cheating a lil)
    a. The vybing with Richie n ma ‘sis’ πŸ™‚ Can’t believe it though pics with you Richie :(.
    b. The paint fiasco …. 5 seconds after hearing ‘Paint time’ , I was greeted by a shower of yucky orange. Didn’t get well painted up though- just enough for my liking.
    c. K.T. You made my night dear! Wukked up a storm πŸ™‚
    d.Β The green hat-purse
    e. MACHEL’s 2 Hour high-energy performance…. danced right though the stitches I started to get DWL
    f. Gentlemanly drunk men!Β 
  7. The ride home! Thanks Daddy! You’re the bestest!

There are so many more things I could talk about but this number holds a special place for me so I felt it fitting to use it. The Weekend in general turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever had, thanks Kerri n her wonderful friends … so now … back to my regular and boring schedule called life πŸ˜› Stay tuned!

P.S. Big Up to all the people I shared my day with! πŸ™‚ [Uncle Ken, Ombretta, Gavin, Chrisandra!] Yup, Yup …Hope yours was asΒ AWESOME as mine was πŸ˜€

And forgive my abuse of Β Emoticons and Exclamation Marks !!!!! πŸ˜›

13 thoughts on “SEVEN of many memorable moments …

  1. I know i am ultra super late :D…….sorry dear……but this is great……we are in charge of our own happiness and you surely took charge! Keep at it

  2. Awwweee! Glad you had a whale of a time! and glad i could have shared in this memorable 7th with you! we are both born on the 7th! πŸ™‚ haahaa!! ❀ ya sis!!

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