All WOOD I Love!

 I had the pleasure of hanging out in the workshop one day [some time ago :S]. As I walked around I felt inspired by the pieces of wood that were strewn around me. I started taking photos and then these thoughts came to mind, think of it as an ode to the unknowing wood that has no idea that soon it will be transformed into something for the world to behold:

I watched you motionless, waiting to be molded,

Chipped, shaped then carved to my liking

Usual stuff, but you seemed different

Somehow …

I fell for the way you coarsely caressed me

As you wondered what I’d have you be

O that you could forever rot so beautifully

But not so my love, history dictates another –

Truly you were fated for greatness


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Art work by Laura Facey [Cooper].  Be sure to check out her site and like the Facebook page
P.S. I miss my camera *BAWL*


4 thoughts on “All WOOD I Love!

  1. Thumbs up on the piece….quite magnif 🙂 Those pictures capture something amazing. I tell you girl u talented….keep it up..

  2. I figured it was Laura’s work when i saw a section of “Roots”. I always wondered if it was just me who was inspired by wood, just the imagery with the grain… is it just me? =/

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