The Week-Long Dilemma

Was Watching Mission Catwalk – Season 2 just now and after one of the designers went off stage, the first thing she did was kick off her heels and say ‘bad shoes’. I feel your pain gurl….

….and that gesture then got me thinking about my first week of work:

I donned my cute lil pumps that matched my outfit and felt quite fine …. then the clock struck 1 and all hell broke loose! My feet were suddenly on fire and I could barely manage to walk to the taxi stand. That was one of the few days in history that you could find me walking SLOWLY. Even a snail could over-take me. I felt ecruciating pain for the entire night as my right toes were throbbing and I lost almost all sensation in the ones on my left foot

Today, I ‘borrowed’ (Yea…its sortah, kindah still in my room) a pair from mommy and had an ‘angelic choir singing moment’ as I told her it felt like I was wearing socks! They were the most comfortable thing’s I’d eve stepped into and I was positive that there was no way I would be in pain …. then the clock struck 1 and all hell broke loose. It was like de ja vu with a new pair of shoes. 

I found another pair hiding in my closet … wasn’t ‘sock-like’ in feeling but it could – would have to work! KMT …. do I even need to say it again?? It was so severe this time that I found no shame in stopping on the road to buy a pair of flip flops. The sales man realizing my plight, took the shoe and dropped it in a scandal bag for me! (He now waves at me every time I pass him)

By now, I was sporting band-aids and padding up with cotton …. Shoe #4 proved to be no better than the rest. Could my week get anyworse?

…Thankfully not, as that day I was able to dress down and wore an elegant enough sandal looking heel …ugh …. as you can see I know nothing about shoes. Would you believe it still managed to rub my toe the wrong way. I give up!

Oh that I could wear my good ol’ flip flops and not be reprimanded. I can’t live like this – feels like slow death and much to the detriment of my now slightly disfigured toes. I now have extreme respect for ‘working-class’ women. I am 100% positive that they’ve perfected the art of showing no signs of discomfort till they get behind closed doors … or am I not seeing things clear enough?


Latoya ‘AyoOutLOUD_&_in_Excruciating_Pain’ Gail 
Photos taken with my cell phone 😥 

6 thoughts on “The Week-Long Dilemma

  1. AH girl!!!!!!!!!! the story of the shoes. I am down to two pairs and my flip flops. one i wear to work with socks like a blasted school gir….for like a whole week i bawled. But i had to get use to it, couldnt buy another. The other one each time i take it out i put it back, cause i know the story with it. my trusty flip flops i have to resort to most times………too sad…..and i always always wonder about those women, the shoes them wear, my word…….

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