More from Bellevue

…and now I present to you the Great House and a bit of its environs.


@Left is the Building featured in the previous post. To the right is a view of Bellevue Great House with its numerous dormer windows and unmistakeable cut-stone base.


Another section features a series of smaller units, presumably built later after. At the rear is a Chapel. The Stain Glass design and doors were made by sculptor Laura Facey. (See gallery for those photos)


Rear view of the great house which overlooks a magnificent view of the mountains.

I’m getting slight annoyed with WordPress ’cause I’m finding it difficult to get my images in the format that I want … hate conforming to these but I ended up with a gallery this time!

If you know how to add slide shows from another site kindly leave me a comment below and I’ll get in touch with you! Much appreciated.


4 thoughts on “More from Bellevue

  1. Am in aweee!.. Love your photos, need a lil workshop on that 😉
    *Other news* I subscribe to ur blog via email, weeks now, yet to receive a message yet there’s another set of post everytime i arrive…, not cool at all

    • 😀 Thank you!!!!!! he he Well I’m no pro at this! just happen to get quite lucky! good idea though!

      Tsk tsk! Hmmnnn try it again! (top left “Follow :-))” button right?) IDK what happened but I just looked at my list of subscribers .. don’t see any email that looks like yours .. I can message you when I make new posts though on FB till that gets sorted out! WordPress does its own craziness when it’s ready ….. 😦

    • Yes it is in St. Ann…..No I haven’t yet…..still need to figure out how to get it …these were taken before the suicide! Pretty much the day before! :O Will be making a post on that though. Fair send off tribute:)

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