Work it OUT!

EXERCISE…that’s what’s hot!

I kid you NOT, I am the QUEEN of acting on impulse. I found myself pausing the movie I was watching (The Vow -I was really into it), going upstairs and telling dad that I wanted to walk. He told me that I wasn’t ready for that as yet and I should instead use the treadmill. I wasn’t too happy about the ‘downgrade’ but I donned my sneakers and decided to give it a try none the less. I gradually increased my speed till I was jogging. Half hour later I’d burned 82.41 calories and I felt great! Was even able to do a few more other exercises. Once again, dad was quite pleased with me. “Bless him’

Unfortunately, I can’t trust myself enough [as yet] to commit to doing this on a regular basis but WHY the heck not?! It’s just what I need… at least an hour out of my day to be totally occupied while not thinking about anything at all. I know, I don’t want to need to lose weight – I’ve been told that I’m way below my average body mass index or w/e it’s called. I just need to be fit!

The next step is to figure out a decent work out routine and how I can get dad to take me jogging with him (hope I can keep up – he’s an extremist)

Actually no, he isn’t. there’s far worse! I’ve been keeping up (sorta) will a fellow bloggers journey to fitness. She uses the ‘Insanity’ programme.

:O Slight ‘deading’ … Jah know Carla!

My curiousity was piqued enough to find a preview of some sort on youtube.

*Jaw drop* I think I jsut lost the 5 lbs I’ve recently gained [that is another story] by watching that.

If you’re a masochist then bring it!

…[if you] don’t mind working out in a pool of your own sweat….you might be crazy enough for insanity

This is not insanity… I don’t even know what it feels like.

…neither do I luv [and never will] but I’m positive that it sounds like SUICIDE. My heart goes out to those who follow it religiously … I on the other hand shall find a friendlier way to get into shape.

My latest adventures have seen me doing much more exercise than usual. I’ve been walking for half hour and on Thursday I did what feels like a 15 min walk [wasn’t timing it] to get to a river and felt the burn while trekking up steep inclines. By the time I got back to my room, I felt like my heart was about to explode and I was on the verge of collapsing. After I cooled off though I felt fantastic; almost fantastic enough to take an ice cold shower. ALMOST.

Wish me luck as I continue on my road to fitness! Oh, I actually made a lil’ video while walking one day but I HATE how I sound so  deleted it 😛 VLogs are NOT for me. Also, I’m still sorting through photos that I took before the tragic passing of ‘Nikey’. It’s a bit hard to look at them as I’m constantly reminded of the fact that I will have no more awesome photos for a while unless you my dear friends would be kind enough to help a sistah out! *Wink, Wink*


Treadmill – the only thingI  know to date that lets you feel like you’re going nowhere, when in the end you’ve really gotten a far way off from where you started.

Insanity – Without a doubt, only for persons who have absolutely lost their minds or would like a fast way out of this crazy world!


5 thoughts on “Work it OUT!

  1. lol, i started one the his insanity things some time back, everytime i turned it on mom would come stand beside me, look me up and down, look at the insanity video and say “yuh really insane fi tru”…..i gave up after two weeks……

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