Unwinding at Winefield


Nothing could hide my excitement as we drove up to the house I’d been admiring for YEARS! When we drove into the Winefield property, mom looked at me and said ‘Toya, stop gawking … all that’s left for you to do is jump out the window” [what can I say, I have a thing for sexy buildings, I don’t know why she expected better from me]. Built over two hundred years ago in the district of Claremont, St. Ann, the impressive structure was even more beautiful up close. It deserved the bragging rights as it stood on top of the hill and commanded the attention of everyone.

The ‘jaw dropping’ view

Almost there....

Just around the corner


I was in love with the big open spaces and array of sash windows that let the sunlight flood in. We were told that an entire wing was been added to make the house more symmetrical and many of the partitions were removed to create larger rooms (works for me!).


Above: Built in Display areas added a nice touch to the room and a rather interesting Moulding detail

The outside proved to be a treat as well. Part of the outside landscaping

I was shown the green house and introduced to the ugli fruit; an exotic tangelo hybrid (It came from the accidental crossing of a Seville orange, a tangerine and grapefruit) citrus fruit grown in Jamaica. I thought it was quite appropriately named ‘cause it really looked hideous. :S Did I mention it is HUGE!


I also noted that some palms trees are actually hollow inside.

I’m starting to believe that Jade vines are synonymous to ‘great houses’ as sure enough there was one sprawled across the garage entrance.


Unfortunately, it was getting late and we had to make a dash for home before it got too dark. I waved good bye to my new friend [YES, I’m talking about the house!] as well as Mrs. Hairs (a wondeful lady might I add. Hope she’s feeling much better now!) and wondered what my next adventure would be like.

[Footnote: My captioning was giving me a ‘warm’ time today! I have no idea what’s going on with that]


7 thoughts on “Unwinding at Winefield

  1. Pictures are beautiful.I passed by this place many times when I.was a boy and even when I got older.Mr Hairs.and his.son Johnny occasionally rode their horses through our village, Higgin Town.I was always curious about the history of those adjoining properties.

  2. 😀 Trust me! It’s pretty awesome up there!!! That’s great though! Hope you’ll get to take that trip and really see Jamaica! Rent a car and get around. Pretty cool adventure awaits 🙂

  3. This is jaw dropping for me as well. I even got chills. There is something so magical in Caribbean settings for me. Something I only dreamed of as a child and recently took the steps to make it real in my travels. I so badly want to have more time in Jamaica someday soon. God willing…

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