My New Adventure out on the Farm ….

After the taxi I was in drove off, I decided to tell the driver to let me off at Hopewell, since I wasn’t so familiar with the area. To my surprise he turned his head and asked the passenger in the back if he knew where that was. A second (I’m getting better at this!) of panic overtook me and I chided myself for getting into the WRONG taxi and worse, waiting for so many minutes for it to load! It increased as I realized that no one seemed to know there was a Hopewell in St. Ann. Lucky for me, he found his bearings and assured me that he knew where I was going. Whew!

It has been a while since I’ve been driven though Fern Gully. It seemed to have ‘sprouted’ more ridiculous corners and curves. I was a brave soldier though and didn’t freak out. Actually, it’s quite possible that I went off to ‘la la land’ because it took me a while before I realized I was at my stop.

Perfect timing too as I got to the crossing at the same time that Mrs. Facey-Cooper did. I had a ‘Driving Miss Daisy theme song’ moment as we continued to Mt. Plenty while I took in the gorgeous greenery around me and appreciated the ‘clean’ air. (I’m quite enjoying that feeling)

I passed cows and horses grazing away in perfect harmony and approached a spectacular sight, the main house. There wasn’t much time for touring though, I had a bit of work to do so I got to it right away and after I finished, decide to watch the downpour of rain that brought on a refreshing chill.

The day progressed wonderfully as I eventually toured the exhibition that was still going on. Her larger than life pieces, made from cedar and lignum vitae that speak of reflection, renewal and are in keeping with her spiritual connection to nature.

Now, if you haven’t heard as yet, there’s currently an on-line competition running that she has entered. It features pieces from her latest collection ‘Radiant Combs’ as well as a video documentary. The link is 3RD WARD OPEN CALL so VOTE and SHARE! Thank you much!

So you see why I have been M.I.A. Contrary to possible rumours, I have not ran off with the prince .. not yet at least 😛 I have no idea what the next few days or even weeks will bring but I’m looking forward to it.

And finally … I can’t leave without showing you one of my unforgettable ‘wow’ moments so far! Will show you some more photos later 🙂

Sorry you can’t see the rain so clearly!

The plan was to post ONE but I wanted to give you a sneak preview of what’s to come

2 thoughts on “My New Adventure out on the Farm ….

  1. Yea!? Time for a visit! Thank you. Will have more up later.
    DWL… I missed him but something tells me I would have been trampled over as he was bomb rushed by his adoring fans … next time I suppose 😀

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