13 thoughts on “Not so Struck by Cupid

  1. Awwwww pretty cool Lady. I don’t celebrate Valentines but it’s always interesting to see how couples express their love you know. Police officer guy just might be the guy in your head V_V #just saying.

    • yea it is but all I heard on the street was ppl bitching that they aint got anyone lol and they want to go out and rae tae tae lol

      heheheh riggghhhtttt I don’t even remember what he looked like. :S He had a nice smile though…. *runs away*

      • I agree, “Police officer guy just might be the guy in your head V_V #just saying.” lol

        I sure would get the kicks out of knowing my man has the right to carry a gun and kick butt!!! Dont mind me. πŸ˜€

        lovely post. My vday was um…..correction, i had no vday. Guess the majority of world suffers from the lack thereof. Those who have the man dont have the will, those who have the will dont have the man. And those who have neither enjoyed themselves anyway. (My neighbour stayed in his house all day by himself watching tv and laughing his head off).

        And by the way your parents are awesome examples. Your dad is too charming πŸ˜€ glad you shared it with them.

        • DWL I doubt I’ll ever see him again! He also asked me if my ‘husband’ was taking me out to dinner DWL …. Gurl I have to tell you that full story! I think I understated it here.

          Lol most of the ones who haven’t anyone are the bitter one’s who label it as so many different things…check them next year if they aren’t alone! It’s what you make it! I woke up with no expectations and had a really nice day!

          Yea they are And ohhh Stefan posted the post wedding pics they so cutteeee!!!

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