Get a Life Nuh … P.S. Watching the Grammys doesn’t count.


I somehow found myself at the tele watching the grammys. Figured I’d see what all the hype was about. I can’t recall ever watching it prior to tonight. 

One performance that stuck was by Niki Minaj. In retrospect, she is a pretty smart chick. Hell she sent me running to google to figure out what was going on. My first thought was ‘this looks gaga-ish’ and not surprisingly the spectacle was choreographed by the same person responsible for some of the craziness that Lady Gaga does – right down to the male alter-ego :S My second thought was ‘is this some sort of exorcism? Then she started levitating. O.K. Then. 

My dear mom had the hardest time keeping up. She thought that the show was over and asked me what was that going on then exclaimed ‘Have mercy lord … a mussi the worst one mi ever watch!’ The fact remains that millions will love it and millions will hate it but at the end of the day she got even me talking about it … what does that say!  

Apart from that I quite enjoyed the show for the most part but the tribute… oh the tribute that I geared up for all night let me down somewhat though it probably shouldn’t have now that I’ve taken the time to assess the situation. No doubt as the world is saddened by the loss of yet another legend. I know she did her best as she sang with as much emotion as she possibly could without breaking  and my did she look fantastic!   *Looks at my growing tummy with disgust* I need to find out how she did that! 

And Adele stole the show and gave a brilliant performance! *Thought she was going to pass out from the shock of winning the 5th…6th? Sorry, I lost count award* Kudos to her! 

Was quite funny keeping up with the feeds on twitter – note to self … ‘friend’ more people so I have more interesting randomness to read- well, maybe.  While the comments on performances varied it was unanimous that Adele’s ex must be kicking himself now! 


My day has been pretty interesting otherwise though. The good Lord told me to get ma lil behind to church and that I did though I found myself fighting to stay awake. (I have a condition) Despite that I found the energy to get behind the steering wheel and drive home… I think we all know where this is going 😛

There was a loooonggggg line of vehicles parked along the road (funeral going on) I panicked as vehicles were approaching and I was pretty much trapped. Long story short, I put the car in park and told mom to get behind the wheel. When we got out of the ‘jam’ I told her I was too traumatized to drive. At this rate …. all seems HOPELESS. 


Random fact: You KNOW that things are bad when your own mother tells you that you need to get a social life. Geezzzz! Obviously I need to fix that right away! I was a bit hurt when she told me that earlier but it’s undeniably true! Kindly leave all applications in the comment box below and I’ll schedule an interview A.S.A.P. 😛


And now I’m off to watch The Colour Purple on TVJ  *looks at screen* as I work on my drawing and think of ways to GET A LIFE :S 

Wish me Luck ya’ll

2 thoughts on “Get a Life Nuh … P.S. Watching the Grammys doesn’t count.

    • OMG Ok! Now that sounds serious! Let’s hope I don’t get to that stage! They all mean well though! I guess going out a lil ore can’t hurt! Here’s to us ‘improving’ our social lives!

      P.s. Thanks for liking my page. hope you enjoy viewing my art. Best wishes and keep writing those wonderful poems!

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