I looked in my year planner and noticed that a special holiday was right before a certain extra-special day ….. I’m going to burn for this but BACCHANAL BEACH JOUVERT mi seh!

Now, I know that my outburst will be greeted with a couple shocked stares but yes Ayo’s got a wild side. She’s actually the cool side of me and pops up around this time of the year. Mark you, I’m not big on parties unless it’s all about SOCA so yes call this my ‘Bruk out event of the year’. (I promise I’ll behave as best as I can under the circumstances *angelic face*) I know, the lyrical content of soca is filled with steamy innuendos and …I could go on and on but I can’t help liking it.

Since I’m terrified of torrents and such U-chubeeee has been my number 1 and only source of getting my music sooo after scanning through I dug up these for you! Yes yes, you’re most welcome. ‘Jam away’

My List of Soca Songs (N.B. They aren’t all new – just my favs and they are in no particular order! Way too much work to do that)

Kesha – Precision Wine 🙂 Machel Montano – Mr. Fete 🙂Destra ft Skinny – Mad Party 😀 Machel Montano – You – LOVE this! Soca Love song.  Swapi – Bucket Destra Garcia – I Dare You – Old School but still a hit (to me)  Machel Montano – Reveling Destra ft. Kerwin Du Bois – Baddist – I like this one. I am the baddest!! hehe  Machel Montano – Bottle of Rum Faye-Ann Lyons – Heavy T Bumpa – So I don’t have a heavy T Bumpa but a girl can dream!  Lil Rick – Go Dung Kes the band – Wotless – Idle slow jam …. right now  I feeling wotless but I DON”T REALLY CARE  Machel Montano – Ben Ova – Patrice Roberts – Slow Wine – Woa baby take it slow aint no place we gotta go!!! MHADDDDDDD 😛 Machel Montano – Gal Wuk – this damn whistling is annoyingly catchy! Consider yourself warned  Machel Montano – Illegal JW & Blaze – Palanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – Need i say more *Dashes madly across the room*  Machel Montano – Pump yuh Flag  Romaine Virgo – Mash up di truck – Yes! Yes! Bet you’d never place Romaine with soca but it’s a cool enough jam! Anya-li – Make dem hands go up – Yea caught this one from in the dance, not sure if it’s really soca but the beat’s right!   Machel Montano – Advantage 

Are you ready for that ‘Future Shock’??!!!!

And for all you *SocaWhores* (Socaphiles is the politically correct term I think) check out the full line up that kick off TODAY!:

Bacchanal 2012 FUTURE SHOCK

4 thoughts on “ALL ROADS LEAD TO…

  1. 🙂 .. SocaPhile after my own heart …

    Here’s some 2012 Soca

    Machel Montano – Time for Work,Vybz Cyah Done, Revelling
    Kerwin Du Bois – Bacchanalist
    Kes the band – Coming Over
    Farmer Nappy – Surrender
    Destra – Breaking Away
    Rupee – I am Bajan [ Yeah i just change the words to the correct nationality ]
    Michelle X- Carnival is here
    Try and for moreee 🙂

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