For ma gurlies!

DWL I was planning to do my own illustration but I got lazy… Source:

Nobody died and made me a fashion guru and though I don’t have an extensive make up collection or experience in fashion design, I know this much;

  • Drawing in eye brows is a big NO. You look like a damn clown .. please, help me understand why you thought that was the right way to go.
  • Lining you lips in black is an even bigger NO!
There are so many more things  could name but I’ll keep it short as I’m sure that it’s all been said before at some point and these just happened to be things i saw on one particular day.

I always seem to see the strangest things when I stand in line at a particular bank. So here’s another one for you:

  • I understand that sometimes you don’t like being bald and you want to add a lil sumn sumn to give the illusion that  you were blessed with a healthy bod of hair. Seriously though, you can’t eat your cake and have it! It’s one of the other, not both people!
  • Another thing (and I will admit that I’m guilty of this. I will do better now that I’ve seen it from another perspective), no matter how lazy you’re feeling, if that lovely pink nail polish is starting to crack up and strip off….please make use of that wonderful invention called ‘Nail Polish Remover’. *Looks down at toes…LAWD…. gone to take ma own advice.

This has been ‘For ma gurlies’. I did it with love… now go out there and make me proud with your new found wisdom. Guys, don’t get jealous … I have a few just for you! 🙂


While we’re on the subject I thought I’d share a life lesson that I didn’t even realize I’d learned today. ‘When in doubt, always travel with a spare.’ This morning I decided to wear a pair slippers I saw in my closet. I don’t know what possessed me to do that (well yes I do know, it matched my hand bag…) considering that I’ve had it for years but never worn it. I walked to the car and said to Mom ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about these slippers’. She assured me that it was all in my head. Fine.

*Half hour later*

I looked down and realized that the reason my right foot felt so ‘free’ was because the straps burst. [Further research later showed that the bottoms were practically disintegrating so one way or another I was bound to be embarrassed by them.] I was calm. Lucky for me I was still near to the car where I had my good ol’ flip flops (the back up plan). So, if you see me on the road sporting my ‘flops’. Don’t hate!!!! They are my lifesaver! 😀

2 thoughts on “For ma gurlies!

  1. The visible bra strap thing! TACKY! Small hipster jeans on fat hips! LAWD! Panty lines! i know that sometimes i cant evade the panty line, but if you know you have a big butt ladies, dont wear them big draws with the tight ass working pants, dress properly for work! PLEASE! Ah girl……the list the list is everlasting!

    • I tell yah hahaha that image I found covers so much too ‘in and of itself’ hehe
      One necessity in a room is a full length mirror! Think the world may be a better place with that! 🙂

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