Spreading sum Luv!

My hormones got the better of me today but I’m glad. I was having a real crappy day which resulted in me being sour and unapproachable because I couldn’t get an important document processed and to make matters worse my hair dresser was nowhere to be found! In the end, out of desperation I decided to walk into the first salon that I saw. -2 Hours later I was HAPPY Toya! (I told you … clean hair = happy me!) With that complete I was on to my next assignment with the intention of getting home before midday.

Straight to yah! No editing 🙂

As I was walking I passed one of the many homeless persons who’ve taken over the side walks standing outside of a food place. It looked like ‘Mad Man Terry’ [the first ‘street person’ I’d ever met] but it didn’t at the same time. He looked tired, sad, hungry, depressed, dirty, distressed and I was almost sure he was about to pass out. He didn’t beg me for money or even seem to notice me but I felt horrible and started tearing up. I realized that I would never be able to live with myself if I continued on my way so I turned around and bought a patty and drink for him. He nodded I guess; not really sure what happened after I walked off, still wiping my eyes (damn hormones) and not wanting to make a scene. There I was bitching about my hair being dirty etc. when there are people out there worse off.  True clarity is always gained when you take a step back.

Recently I’ve noticed that there have been way more ‘mad-people’ in the town than usual. The one legged anti-social who’s infamous for spitting at people, ‘mad man Terry and the old lady who has a ‘home’ in a tree near the police station and dances around with her radio have been joined by one who calls people ‘Daddy’, this guy who has a ‘spot’  right beside the steps of the police station and another who ‘stalked’ my aunt recently for $10.00 jm. We pass them often; some cross the road to avoid them all together.

It pains me to see them. I often wonder what their stories are, how’d they get there  and where their families are.  I used to give money when they asked until one day (when i really didn’t have anything on me) I got a good and proper cuss out from one who was ever so polite till I denied him. I’d let that experience make it bad for the genuinely needy. (yea some just want to fuel their drug obsession).

So, I learned a lot to day and I hope that in future, I’ll be able to do so much more! [Is it just me or did I end this oh so abruptly? I apologize]

To make up for that , here’s a lil sumn I whipped up for you all. Hope you like …. my brother convinced me to go acapella … if any glasses etc. break in the process of listening… kindly send all bills to HIM 😀

Ooohh this reminds of of a post I read on Angry Koi Fish – Labels are for jars or rappers

10 thoughts on “Spreading sum Luv!

  1. you know toya, Saturday gone, Adrian and i had a major argument and we were walking back home from the supermarket 30 feet from each other. Then i walked pass a mad/homeless person sleeping under the bus stop. I slowed a bit as i walked passed and i thought to myself ‘you stupid jerk’!!!!!!

    We had bags of groceries, we had each other, we were heading home, we had all these things (which that poor man at the bus stop did not have), yet in all this we had the effort to be mad at each other. I forgave and hugged him the minute we got home. SO much to be thankful for.

    Lovely read.

  2. lol boy we all are so comefortable but for get the little things and the little people but u forget a mad man though lol him load brownstown buss lmao and another who fix ur car for 50 dollar

  3. It is crazy how we get caught up in small things and forget that sometimes we just have to change the way we think. Dirty everything vs Dirty hair.
    But otherwise, planning to get your hair done and then not getting it done can seriously ruin a day. *shivers* bad memories…

  4. wooohooo…dutty crud wash out hair [B-)] maaawd
    wooohhhhoooo….Latoya is saving the world today

    *slow wave at michael jackson song*
    *lighters flicker in the distance*

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