Roses are White, Red, Pink & Orange…

… My phone rang at 6:00 a.m. I didn’t recognize the number so I rolled over (figured it was someone harassing me about something – why else would anyone call ME at such a time) and tried to rejoin yet another crazy dream.  When I officially got out of bed [hours later] I realized that Dad was the one who called. I’d asked him to wake me at that time so I would go jogging [DWL] I really had every intention to jog – I’d even mentally located my sneakers! Oh well… Maybe Tomorrow 🙂 though I must say that I’m even less motivated now that I no longer have plans to join the Sigma Run next month.

At one point I thought about posting another poem today … about something that’s been bugging me lately but my recent outdoor adventures overshadowed all thoughts and though I have already given you a flower show (See  Forget Me Not) I realized that these photos were pretty much entirely different and I had so much fun taking them that why noooootttt!!! Please don’t hate me for posting, yes, more flowers! I’m obsessed. (Seems I’m obsessed with quite a lot of things)

Which do you like best?



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Saturday: While driving to St. Ann’s Bay, Dad made the comment ‘see it’s not as difficult as you make it seem!’ to which I responded ‘If you ever know what’s really going on behind my calm and collected exterior. My insides feel like they are about to jump out of my body.’ I ran to the front seat and put on my seat belt when we were ready to go back home – Hell No I was NOT going to drive again. 

Sunday: (-_-) I drove today. I know what I said yesterday but … *sigh*…  don’t know what prompted me to take up my purse and follow Dad to drop off my God-Sis at her school knowing full well that I’d be the one driving home. It wan’t that bad you know. Never passed 80 on the highway but not that many people overtook me. It kinda-sorta went downhill after … you know what … I did ok, leave it at that. When I got out the car I vowed never to drive again ….you know how that goes! ‘Till the next time …. Toya was here *Honk* 

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