Unlucky 13? You tell me!

Based on January 13, I call this one 13 Random Facts about me and my understanding about the world around me. I’ll top it off with 13 of my favourite pics from that day! Here we gooo (in no particular order):

  1. The most difficult part of my day is getting out of bed!
  2. I cannot effecively function if my hair isn’t clean and smelling nice. AKA the ‘Nice Hair = Nice Toya’ phenomenon.
  3. The pop down car phenomenon – is it me or are the robot taxis looking more and more pop down. In one day I almost had a door handle break off in my hand, spent 3 mins helping the driver secure the glove compartment with a short piece of wire :S, had to open a door from the outside to get out and witnessed a barrage of batter-bruised cars pass while the drivers shouted ‘Ochi Miss?’
  4. NEAR DEATH BY TAXI – Delinquent taxi drivers  are going to be the death of me. One overtook on the hatched lines by a stop light .. SERIOUSLY? I need to start getting off and praying I’m not stranded in the middle of nowhere…. or driving myself. :S
  5. Here a po, there a po, everywhere a po-po. You can see their ‘pleased puss’ looks when they stop the vehicles.
  6. I’m now a fan of okra! As I got my lunch I promptly scooped all the okras and dumped it into my friends plate then he said ‘what’s with you and okras? Just try one’. I eventually did and would you believe that i found my self taking back my okras + more  *insert evil laugh*
  7. Jerked Fish and Okra  (still thinking about it haha) bammy is the yummiest if the price is right!
  8. Not because we’re laughing and look happy enough means that he’s my husband or boyfriend ….. Friends K?! That happens too yah know.
  9. There are still gentlemen out there. They’ll open the door and say ‘after you’ and they’ll put you on the inside (away from oncoming vehicles). Say ‘thank you’ ladies!!!! Chivalry may be on life support but there’s hope yet.
  10. The black cat climbing a tree ‘human-style’ on Friday the 13th that had cameras snapping like crazy – including mine .. what?! I thought it was cute.
  11. Chillin while I’m Villin’ – Island village is quite a bore but it’s quite nice to stroll around, or sit on the board walk n lick/bite/whatever you do with an Ice-cream cone. (Strawberry cheesecake please)
  12. Someone called and I’m positive they said ‘hello is this batty man’ I sincerely hope my ears need a good cleaning out and that he really said something else! But seriously what’s with all these crazy nick-names?
  13. Attacking a ham bone – doggy style. Get your mind out the gutter. I hid my ham bone at the back of the fridge and I quite thoroughly enjoyed having it (photos too scandalous to be displayed – Mom and Dad had a blast snapping though)

5 thoughts on “Unlucky 13? You tell me!

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  2. LOL! You had me entertained down to the ‘bone’!! Girl i ferociously feel you on number 2! and number 4, aye girl, dont ever take a taxi btwn Clarendon and Mandeville. Its like flirting with the grim reaper!!!

    Keep em coming!!!!

    • Awe bless you!! hahah those pics are truly scandalous! Shant be posting lol
      I tell you! Then again even if you have your own vehicle you still have to be looking out and ‘driving for them’!!!! Can’t win can we?!

  3. lol mine taxi man kill you they the most prime reason for accidents and okr is great especially for men lol. i wnt tell u why but u can research 😛

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