Whatever the Cost!

This be Part 2 of my ‘Through the Eyes of A_Liag Explained’ series… Enjoy!!

I must have been intoxicated when I wrote this one. ha ha It’s pretty straight-forward though so no explanation needed. Instead I decided to write a letter (in reality I’d do this face to face but for this post I felt ‘lettery’). It’s pretty much what would happen if I actually met someone like that ….. read on! 


Dear Mr. Right Ideal,

Yes, I know that you could very well be the one for me. You meet most if not all the ridiculous credentials that I’ve set and I could take you to meet my parents without having to worry that I’d deeply regret it. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I know that you’d treat me like a ‘Queen’. You’ll open doors, pull out chairs and prove that chivalry isn’t dead. My friends would be so jealous; wishing they had a man like you.

It’s happened so fast, this just can’t be real. I know that you’re giving me everything I’m asking for but… something isn’t right. See, I’ve set my standards so high; never expecting the position to be filled and then you came along and changed every damn thing.

The truth is I don’t want you; just the idea of you and yes I’ll go for the guy with the bag of issues, who’s gonna treat me like crap, but that’s cause what I want is temporary. I know it won’t last with him and I can’t do that to you. I’m afraid that you might get too close, too afraid to be vulnerable to you. Irony of all ironies is that I’m twisted and screwed up. It may seem like I’m talking s*** but it makes perfect sense to me.

No, I haven’t been screwed over by someone in the past, seriously. It’s not them or you …. it’s me!

I’m sorry,


Safe to say… I have some ISSUES in the commitment department. 

To be continued ……. in my next post!! (I think)

9 thoughts on “Whatever the Cost!

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  2. Once again. Well written my dear. I wonder how many other guys try hard to be this Mr.Ideal and still can’t make the grade. i wonder how many women will settle for the Mr. Pretty Ok’s? lol

  3. ah! Such a gamble that thing of mr.ideal. The idea of finding the one is a scary deal, but when you do find him, if he really is ideal, your heart will be at rest.

  4. lol Mr. Right deh nuff though but we know there is no mr right out there but you might be able to get close to perfect 😛 love the poem it a shot

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