I Painted away!!!

Forgive me! I should have written about this weeks ago but so many other exciting things were happening (New years, Dolphin Cove, the Poetry Series etc.) and my ‘baby’ got swept under the rug. None-the-less, I’m still quite happy and proud of my days work of painting 😀

This def. will be my shortest post ever as Ill just let my video do all the talking for me! 😀 Hope you like it!


  • I checked off my list again!!! Time to make another one!
  • I’ve started another painting! Shhhhhhhh
  • Facebook is way more boring now … I think I miss the ‘randomness’ that once flooded my home page! Might tediously RE-Subscribe you all! GO FIGURE! :s
  • I think I’m finding an excuse to make this post longer than it was intended to be!
  • This is  my 13th post – published on Friday the 13th …. not that I’m superstitious or anything!
  • 🙂
  • Ok! Ok! I’m GONE!!!! P.S. Shame on you for still reading hahaha

3 thoughts on “I Painted away!!!

  1. lol omg i love ur art work ino but watchya friday gone and i didint know it was friday the 13 lol boy me no pay attention to the dates at all.

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