I’ve decided to do a series of some sort based on poems I’ve written in the past. Lol this feels like my good ol’ Youthink writing days! Well, if you haven’t guessed it, this first one’s called ‘Shy’.

It’s never easy to approach someone. Even if you’re convinced that the feeling is mutual, you know that things would get ridiculously awkward if for some reason you turn out to have been horribly wrong. Then there’s the matter of how long should you wait before you ‘go for it’. After all, there is always that crushing blow when you realize that though your feelings are as red hot as they were when you first met, you’ve been parked in the ‘friend zone’.  You sit listening to him rant about the girls who are doing nothing but slaughtering his ‘heart’ while you pat him on the back and say ‘well she’s out there for yah, you just haven’t met her yet!’ (Dammit I’m right here)

In these times, there’s nothing wrong with a woman grabbing the reins and making the first move. If they are anything like me then their rationale would be that there’s no need to waste time. You either like me or you don’t so let’s get it over with and not assume. Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way. It was a long time ago but I remember it vividly; I wrote a poem about him. DUH! We had a beautiful friendship complete with hours spent talking about the most random of things. To the outside world it was ‘official’ but for us, it remained unsaid. When I finally got the guts to say something, to my dismay I was too late. (Imagine that) Even now I still think about him (which is why at 12:56 a.m. I was up writing this post) and wondering ‘what if’. Oh Well!!!

My point is really, if you have something to say, just go right ahead and get it off your chest. It’s a scary thought venturing into the unknown but at the end of the day though “it hurts to l*** someone and not be l***d in return, is far worse to l*** someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel” or something like that…..


17 thoughts on “Shy

  1. So true. Been there. Did that. Not a good feeling at all. The day I decided to tell my more-than-platonic-but-not-yet-my-boyfriend-friend that I was in love w/him (He’d told me several times but…I don’t think he was truly willing to commit and give up his high school sweetheart/college girlfriend) he announced that he’d proposed. Talk about speechless. He later apologized, then a year later married her. I eventually got over it, and soon married my husband of 8 years. Either way, the memory of that day inspired the poem Silent Words which won special mention in a Writer’s magazine, which friend dude read while in a book store. Long story short, 9 years later, my words still got across:-)

  2. This is really nice toya. I really like it. Brings a smile to my face when i think of how shy I am too. Good job great work. looking forward to lots more 🙂

    • 🙂 Great!! Yea well from the looks of it I have quite a bit of company in the shy department but not to worry … one day we WIll all overcome it! I’ll keep em coming! 😀

  3. lol I do not see anything wrong with a woman making the first move I believe females can set there path to who they like without relying on a guy to ask them out or ask them what they need. I like your poem lol it reminds me of one I wrote

    • Lol thatnkx oki
      Yea ‘that word’ it’s like a bad word to me now but maybe I’ll get over it one day!
      Thanks glad you enjoyed it! Look out for the next in my series lol …

  4. LOVE?.lol I totally agree though sometimes speaking up might land you in a whole heap of heart break but the it’s the experience you walk away with is what matters the most.
    Good read.

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