Fed up & Bored to the Core!

Firstly … WHAT DAY IS IT? This week/end has been a blurr … and my lazy self just gathered the strength to get out of bed. I should have been on the road knocking off some stuff on my new ‘to do list’ *I’m a waste of air*

Secondly … I had a cool title for this one. Made a mad dash for ‘new post’ but somewhere into that command, the title got lost and I’m convinced will never return *Bawl*

N-E-Hoooooooz I’ve been trying really hard not to gripe and bitch like a lil baby but I couldn’t suppress it any more (shaking soda can phenomenon) so I decided to do something! I zapped into one of my un-named moods and meticulously started ‘un-subscribing’ till I ended up with:

Dumb Move!?

In retrospect I would have still done it. So now, not only am I NOT bombarded with a million random ‘updates’, I’m even less inclined to stay on Facebook. The day Scrabble (don’t hate!) leaves is the day I’ll delete everything and do the same. If I go before – blame that timeline I have yet to receive (yay me!)

In the beginning there was Hi5, yea! Remember that? If you didn’t have a Hi5 account you were abusing the internet. Then it got infested with younger wanna-be cool kids and Facebook managed to lure the crowd with it’s awesomeness… or something like that (was such a loooong time ago) I visited Hi5 recently and honestly didn’t know what to do with myself and one day I know I’ll be saying the same about Facebook.

So yes back to my ‘blank pages’. I am an extremist so seriously – don’t follow me …. just do a modified version if this bugs you greatly!

Points to note:

  • It is time consuming so do it when you’re really really idle, bored out of your mind, drunk/tipsy (FYI drinking is bad for you!) or trying to fall asleep.
  • There are options if you don’t want to go all out and un-subscribe …. can stop photo comments only or status updates…. KMT Zuckerberg, I thought I was idle!
  • Irony of all ironies is that you just might miss the randomness and begin to fuss about the  ‘silence’ when it’s gone!

Well considering that if I’m not sleeping, I’m on-line, I now need to find more creative and hopefully productive ways of occupying my time!

I’ve been hooked on the series: Two and a Half Men of late – up to Season 7 now but I’m constantly ridiculed by ‘the Lemur’ :S

*KMT* Go to Hell

Soooooo any other suggestions? Go right ahead n leave a comment!

7 thoughts on “Fed up & Bored to the Core!

  1. i dnt know fb is boring to me but I cant leave out the fact that its a great way to reconnect with my past friends, so with vybz people around you its not that boring, haha love the prime ape is it. what is that thing

    • YEa that’s the only thing keeping me there though sometimes I feel like cutting off everyone! Lol Lemur – remind me of the character in Madagascar…. think they actually originate from a place with that same name!

  2. check out odesk. Really, you get paid to write, blog, do a bit of graphics and do all the wonderful things you do. Seriously check it out if you looking for some production. You may or may not like it but whats the worst that can happen.

    Let me know what u think. You are far more multifaceted than i, so you might find something, i on the other hand……

  3. Haha They are HILARIOUS! But after a while I get that stupid message that I ‘broke the website’ Blehhh … I need a list of movies to watch as well!

    You’re catching up though! I haven’t read the last one yet but I got the email notification …gonn check it out now. I admire the dedication!

  4. DWL!!! lololol so that’s where you’re hiding, Rwo and half men!. I’m a jumper, when fb gets too overwhelming i just jump to reading articles on here or watching tuts or movies or something. I’m behind on my posts >_<

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